10 Best Car Cup Holders Of 2019

Best Car Cup Holders
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

The car cup holder is an essential part of the car for a person who likes to drink some kind of hot or cold drink while driving a vehicle or traveling as a passenger in the car. Thus, it is fundamental to have an ideal quality and sturdy car cup holder that can be fixed in your car so you can make the most of your ride with refreshments.

The vehicle cup holders adjust with the ability and legitimate adjusting factor that keeps your drinks from spilling while driving. The car cup holders can be fixed at the back or front side of your car. 

It can likewise be set or introduced in the rearward sitting arrangement, as well. The whole fixing or establishment procedure of various vehicle cup holder is primary and direct. Along these lines, let us find out about the best car cup holders.

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1. Bottle Pro Cup Holder Adapter

Bottle Pro Cup Holder Adapter is a sturdy general cup holder. This cup holder connector can change your standard car cup holder into a monster that will joyfully address the issues of any movement mug. 

There are two different ways to improve this choice, whereas you can know the depth of the cup holder to address the issues of your cups, and you can broaden the width for better security. It additionally accompanies a delicate fit sleeve, so you can be sure that your vehicle will remain safe from scratches during fitting or on rockier streets.


Heading:   BottlePro 

Model:       8542111201 

Weight:      7.2 ounces


  • A reasonable and straightforward for any commuter 
  • All bottles and mugs Side opening for handles


  • No additional capacity
  • Only suitable for one drinker 

2. Swigzy Car Cup Holder

Swigzy Car Cup Holder is a convenient cup holder. This vehicle cup holder connector works likewise to our top pick, with a couple of minor modifications and marginally more significant expense. Running from 2.5 – 3.75 creeps in the distance across, there’s a tremendous range here; however, you will at present need to check the size of your current alternative before buying this. 

The focal unit can likewise deal with up to 3.4 inches distance across in jugs, cups, and mugs, and the vender prescribes utilizing a Mastercard to quantify against, to watch that your movement mug will fit. Anything littler than this will be safely held in by the expansion of the elastic tabs around the leader of the cupholder.


Brand:      Swigzy

 Model:     5869599385 

Weight:     t10.1 ounces 


  • Uses a simple twisting motion to extend or retract the base, to fit any car
  • An extremely durable choice which utilizes extra elastic tabs to build soundness 
  • Can hold a very high capacity, depending on the bottle or cup used 


  • Shorter profundity can be tricky in some cars.
  • Only suitable for one user/drinker 


3. Go Gear Auto Cup Holder 

This scaled-down reassure from Go Gear covers all that you could require in a vehicle cup holder. The upper portion of this choice can deal with the standard go-to’s in your vehicle, for example, your telephone, change, or glasses, while the lower half highlights two, movable cup holders

There’s a tremendous scope of sizes here, so you can be sure that practically any mug or drinking 4/24 cup you bring along will have the option to fit without issue. 


Brand    Go Gear 

Model    EMIC-BLA 

Weight   15.2 ounces 


  • A sturdy option that works well for any car 
  • Drink holders are adjustable and so can fit most sizes of cups and bottles 
  • Offer complete organization for your car 


  • Not ideal for busy households, as there may not enough room to place the console down 


4. Camco Adjustable Drink Cup Holder 

Camco is a customizable beverage holder that can deal with a shockingly high weight and can be changed by meeting practically any width of the cup. 

It is appeared by purchasers, with different comments of people have experienced this product, and results shocked them, even with their most prominent beverages. It additionally creases up conveniently when not being used, which is ideal for the individuals who like to keep their vehicle extra-perfect.


Brand:     Camco

Model:    44044 

Weight:   3.2 ounces 


  • Adjustable handles allow for almost any size cup 
  •  Secure with excellent grip on both the mounting and cup 
  • A very affordable option 


  • Using the screws will damage your car 
  • Tapes may not be strong enough for the more substantial drink 

5. SMART KUP Car Cup Holder 

This cup holder works splendidly for water bottles or the morning drink while in transit to work. The 1-inch opening is perfect for those cups with handles, for example, the standard travel mug while the sides arrive at an extra 3 inches. In the interim, the decreased base attempts to 2.6 – 3.4 crawls to give a cosy fit in your fitted vehicle cup holder

The upper width arrives at 3.9 creeps crosswise over and is hence more extensive than a portion of our choices. Notwithstanding, because of the additional stature, it isn’t as steady as a portion of the higher alternatives on our rundown, with satisfied clients taking note of that sharp turns can lose the focal point of parity for this choice.


Brand    Smart Kup 

Model   120001 

Weight  4 ounces 


  • Uses a high-strength plastic for more exceptional durability
  • High sides mean you are less likely to come across slips and spill
  • Very affordable and highly rated 


  • The tapered base can be a little loose for some cars 


6. Seven Sparta Car Cup Holder Organizer 

Another decision with an expandable base, this alternative reaches from 2.5 – 3.75 creeps in measurement at the bottom, to fit any vehicle cup holder. Turn the upper half to grow or withdraw the base to fit whatever size fits best. In the meantime, the top distance across can hit a vast 3.8 inches and hold up to 40oz containers and cups, alongside an opening down one side to deal with mugs and cups with handles.

It usually is exceptionally evaluated by the individuals who take longer, harsher drives, who note that this choice from Seven Sparta works splendidly in keeping up a steady, firm grasp during out and about. The tall sides help to assist this, giving an excellent base to your beverages during attempting ventures.


Brand Seven Sparta 

Model 20190425 

Weight 14.7 ounces 


  • A secure option that is ideal for longer, rougher drives
  • Fantastic customer service, which has dealt with previous issues well 


  • Can occasionally slip out with your drink 


7. TSI Drink Holder

This cup holder is made in the USA and can hold all that you might consider. Being produced using sturdy plastic pitches, this is a somewhat weightier alternative and accompanies a more significant expense tag yet is probably going to be progressively steady on the floor.

The two cup holders have static size, with no squirm space for bigger cups, so don’t expect anything stunning here. It is observed that this cup holder can deal with any things huge or little, from your tablet to pens. It is all thankfulness to the additional depth that this reassures, make it perfect for the individuals who need a better than average coordinator over a fair cup holder.


Brand: TSI 

Model: 80115 

Weight: 1 pound


  • Can hold plenty of items, making it ideal for longer drives
  •  Fits in any car 


  •  Can be too bulky for some users
  •  Needs to be kept on a seat or the floor 


8. Iokone Leather Cover Car Cup Holder

Our first side-pocket support coordinator and cup holder are from IOKONE and have demonstrated to be prevalent with purchasers. Accessible at an extraordinary value, this choice is produced using solid plastic with a cowhide upper, making this a standout amongst other looking alternatives for use in your vehicle.

There are two cup holders here, and they can fit most standard travel mugs and cups. The main problem is that there is no fitting, and along these lines, this thing can disrupt the general flow a tad – mainly whenever utilized on the driver’s side. It is an attractive expansion to any vehicle, and there’s even some additional room as a coordinator, so with everything taken into account, this is generally better than an average decision.


Brand: IOKONE 

Model: AST-CH01 

Weight: 10.6 ounces 


  • A handy organizer that works well in most cars 
  • Very easy to clean with a damp microfiber cloth 


  • Not ideal for mugs or drinks with handles 
  • No extension available for more extensive spaces 


9. Bell Octopus Cup Holder 

Bell Octopus Cup Holder is a short alternative for the people who like to put their cup holder anyplace in their car. While it might appear to be somewhat odd, surveys do take note that this little vehicle cup holder does well to stick any place it’s put. 

It is a fabulously reasonable alternative that can undoubtedly be gotten and put somewhere else with no whine – perfect for stowing away in the glove enclose when not use, for instance, or moving from car to car.   


Brand: Bell 

Model: CO51

Weight: 5.9 ounces 


  • Very secure grip for drinks 
  • Very easy to use with no need for complex installations 


  • Low edges aren’t very effective at holding their center of gravity  


10. Zone Tech Car Drink Holder 

ZoneTech works by adhering to your windows and can be put anyplace in the vehicle where there is a reflective surface close by. Modest and bright, this is an incredible decision on the off chance that you need to free up some support space in your vehicle or necessarily need a savors holder the rearward seating arrangements for the children. 

In spite of a basic plan, it holds a not too lousy weight, with clients taking note of beverages even up to 24oz are serenely held by this alternative. The main genuine drawback to this specific choice is that it looks somewhat “burdensome” and can disrupt everything in case you’re hoping to open and close your windows normally


Brand: ZoneTech 

Model: GA0038 

Weight: 8.8 ounces 


  • The adjustable arm ensures your cup holder never gets in the way 
  • Can be placed anywhere in the car Holds weight very well


  • Not very aesthetically pleasing 
  • Will need a little maintenance as it can become too loose or tight over time

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