10 Best Cordless Vacuum In 2021

10 Best Cordless Vacuum
(Last Updated On: January 26, 2021)

It is very common to have a carpet in a room; however to clean the carpet is sometime use to be a difficult task, as it requires lot of time and effort, especially when you have pets in your home whose hairs stick to the surface of the carpet. For solving your cleaning problems, a variety of vacuum cleaners are available in the market. However, a cordless vacuum cleaner makes your task more convenient and saves your time as well.

This is a list of the 10 best cordless vacuum cleaners based on customer’s reviews and manufacturer’s information. it will help to find the best product for your home.

1-Dyson V8 Absolute+ Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson V8 Absolute+ Cord-Free Vacuum is one of the most appreciated products of this category as it makes cleaning far more easy and comfortable for you. This cordless vacuum cleaner is easy to use and provides deep cleaning catching dust particles and other debris. It is suitable for hard floors as well. You can convert it to a handheld cleaner for reaching up or down anywhere you need. This cleaner is user friendly.

Product specifications

Run Time 5hrs
Dust Cup Capacity 0.54L
Item weight 2.61 Kilograms
Product dimensions 23 x 20.4 x 120 cm


  • Hassle-free
  • Deep cleaning system
  • Combination and Crevice tools
  • Upholstery and extension hose
  • Up top adaptor


2-Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum Comes with 9 additional tools and accessories. This highly durable cordless vacuum cleaner transforms the way of your cleaning. Its high torque head efficiently adapts to the floor surfaces of different types in auto mode. It has 40% more suction power than the other products of this category. It provides deep cleaning and picks up all the dust and debris keeping your carpet fresh and clean.

Product specifications

Run Time Up-to 60 minutes
Item weight 2.5 Kilograms
Product dimensions 25 x 26.1 x 128.6 cm


  • Professional performance
  • Captures 99.97% of microscopic dust particles
  • The high torque cleaner head
  • LCD screen display
  • Battery-powered


3-MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Is a lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner. It is an upgraded design with an adjustable extension tube so that you can set it according to your needs and demands. With its 120 watts powerful suction, it efficiently picks up dust, debris, pet hairs, and crumbs making your surface clean for your use. It is suitable for cleaning carpets, hard floors, stairs, window walls, sofa, bed, and curtains, etc.  It aptly removes 99.99% of microscopic dust particles.

Product specifications

Run Time 35 Minutes
Dust Cup Capacity 1.3 Liters
Item weight 1.5 Kilograms
Product dimensions 112.01 x 22.86 x 25.91 cm


  • Upgraded version
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Convenient and durable
  • Dual-mode vacuum cleaner
  • Detachable battery


4-SharkNinja Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum 

Shark Ninja Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum has dual speed settings. This exciting feature makes it suitable for both hard floors and carpets. It is the best vacuum cleaner for you especially if you have pets at your home. As it efficiently picks up pet hairs providing deep cleaning. It picks up dirt, dust, and debris with its powerful suction and cleans every corner of your home without much effort. The charging time of this cordless stick vacuum cleaner is almost 4 hours.

Product specifications

Dust Cup Capacity 0.64 Quarts
Item weight 3.4 Kilograms
Product dimensions 26.67 x 24.38 x 116.84 cm


  • Reliable and deep cleaning
  • Extended runtime
  • Washable filter
  • Efficient dust cup
  • Convenient and handy


5-Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum 

Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum is always ready to use. Direct drive cleaner head penetrates deeper into the carpet to remove dirt and provides deep cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is a certified product as it is asthma and allergy-friendly. It can be easily convertible into a handheld cleaner for cleaning hard to reach areas and corners. It efficiently removes 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns with its post-motor filter.

Product specifications

Dust Cup Capacity N/A
Item weight 2.3 Kilograms
Product dimensions 23 x 19 x 120 cm


  • Comes with a combination tool
  • Generates 100AW powerful suction
  • Mini motorized tool
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Highly durable


6-Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum is designed based on the latest technology to provide efficient deep cleaning. It is fully charged within 3.5 hours and then can be used. Its strong suction and soft roller cleaner head aptly picks up the ground-in dust particles from the carpets and large debris from hard floor surfaces. It comes with a variety of additional accessories that make them more useful.

Product specifications

Run Time 60 mins
Dust Cup Capacity N/A
Item weight 6.12 Kilograms
Product dimensions 25.6 x 25 x 123.2 cm


  • Has an extension hose
  • Mattress tool
  • An up top adaptor
  • Convertible vacuum cleaner
  • 130 AW powerful suction


7-ILIFE H70 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

ILIFE H70 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is highly efficient for different cleaning tasks. It comes with a brush less strong suction motor. This stick vacuum cleaner is suitable for hard floors and carpets. It picks up dust particles, debris, crumbs, and pet hairs making your surface fresh for your use. It can be hanged on the wall or can be attached to the stick and hence occupy less space. It can aptly clean the hard to reach areas like bookshelf or sofa etc.

Product specifications

Dust Cup Capacity 1.2L
Item weight 4.58 Kilograms
Product dimensions 71.88 x 34.29 x 17.78 cm


  • Suitable for interior or cars
  • Large dust cup
  • 2-in-1 suction nozzle
  • Washable filter
  • Environment-friendly product


8-Deerma VC20 Cordless Portable Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Deerma VC20 Cordless Portable Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This cordless vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 5.5kPa. It efficiently sucks dust, debris, and other particles within minutes making your home clean. It is an ideal choice for carpets, hard floors, curtains, walls, and furniture. This compact handheld cleaner is easy to use with very little effort. The rotation speed of its power brush is 3000 times per minute meeting international standards

Product specifications

Dust Cup Capacity 0.6L
Item weight 2.78 Kilograms
Product dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 cm


  • Convenient vacuum cleaner
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Efficient performance
  • Greater capacity
  • Washable and reusable filter


9-Karcher VC 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher VC 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has one main unit. Being cord-free, this product is more convenient to use. It is always ready to use hence can be operated anytime when required. Its powerful suction makes it efficient enough to grab all the dust and debris keeping your floors and carpets neat and clean. It is designed on the basis of cyclone technology and needs no dust bag.

Product specifications

Dust Cup Capacity Not included
Item weight 3.75 Kilograms
Product dimensions 26 x 16.5 x 116 cm


  • Professional results
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to store
  • Offers convenient parking
  • 200 watts power


10-Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless 18V Lithium-Ion Stick Vacuum Cleaner by Hoover

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner makes your cleaning tasks super easy for you. It comes with 18 volts lithium-ion battery that provides powerful suction. It gives efficient performance and professional results without the hassle of a cord.  Additionally, its multi-floor electronic brush roll makes it suitable for carpets as well as for hard floors. Its lightweight makes it easy to use and clean corners easily.

Product specifications

Run Time 18 Minutes
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5 Liters
Item weight 4.54 Kilograms
Product dimensions 22.86 x 27.94 x 110.49 cm


  • Advanced features
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Wind tunnel technology
  • Low profile design
  • Dust cup with greater capacity

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