10 Best Dryer Vents In 2021

10 Best Dryer Vents-Buying Guide-Expert Reviews
(Last Updated On: June 5, 2021)

A typical home has a lot of appliances, all of them with the sole purpose of making daily life easy.

A dryer vent is one of such machines which is used to keep the environment clean and tidy. Now the question is which one to go for?

That is a million-dollar question (pun intended).

We do understand that a dryer vent comes with a slew of features. As such, it can be overwhelming to select the best one for yourself.

But worry not, we are here to make things easier for you.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide of the top 10 dryer vents of 2020. By the end of the article, you will be in a better position to make up your mind.

So read on!

Brand NameProduct ImageView on Amazon
Heartland Natural Energy Saving Dryer VentSony DSCW800/B
BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent KitSony DSCW800/B
Deflecto Supurr-Vent Louvered Outdoor Dryer VentSony DSCW800/Bv
Dundas Jafine TDIDVKZW Indoor Dryer VentSony DSCW800/B
Deflecto GVH4NR Galvanized Vent HoodSony DSCW800/B
Lambro 289W Dryer Vent SealSony DSCW800/B
Vent Works Window Dryer VentSony DSCW800/B
Whirlpool W10323246 DRYER VENT KITSony DSCW800/B
Builder's Best 010149 Adjustable Dryer VentSony DSCW800/B
Whirlpool 4396037RP Vent Periscope Dryer VentSony DSCW800/B

1. Heartland Natural Energy Saving Dryer Vent

 The heartland natural energy-saving system is for indoor usage. The perk of using it is that it works throughout the year and in all seasons. That is mainly due to the pre-drilled hole and square bases.

However, there are many other advantages as well for using this machine. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The feature I personally love is the convenience in dryer vent installation. There are no complications and hence no need to call a mechanic to set it up. You can all do it yourself, even if you have never used a drying vent before.

Also, due to the absence of pre-filter and very few spare parts, you won’t need to spend a fortune on maintenance. Furthermore, the heartland natural energy saver is highly efficient (by now, you must have guessed it from its name). It is engineered in a way to prevent cold air from entering. All these features ensure that the heartland is not heavy on your wallet.

This indoor dryer vent has critter protection that protects the machine from pests, insects, and other unexpected situations.


2. BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent Kit

The BetterVent is another indoor dryer vent wizard that is designed to trap even the finest of particles from the air. That is mainly due to its dual lint and double filter system. The end result is well-filtered air.

The best part of the dryer vent is how easily you can clean it. You have the option of cleaning with a sweeping motion of the hand or vacuum it. The ease of cleaning is due to the patented double-filtered system, which means there is no need for water.

The vented dryer also has a patented safety feature. The safety vent flap opens up when there is a requirement for cleaning the screen and filter. That lowers the chances of the dryer vent breaking down due to dust and other particles.

The dryer vent is highly efficient that not only saves time but also your electricity bills. Amidst all exciting features, there comes a major drawback. Due to the filters and screens, the Bettervent Indoor Dryer Vent Kit has a limited life.


3. Deflecto Supurr-Vent Louvered Outdoor Dryer Vent

The Deflecto Dryer Vent is the first outdoor dryer vent on our list. It is used to prevent snow, rain, and dust particles from entering your home.  The dryer vent cover is easy to install and open.

Since the dryer vent is for outdoor usage, it is weather-resistant and durable. Apart from weather-resistant materials, it also has UV protection, which makes it suitable to use throughout the year.

Furthermore, the dryer vent is designed to operate quietly. Hence you can use it the entire night without getting your sleep disturbed.



4. Dundas Jafine TDIDVKZW Indoor Dryer Vent

The Dundas TDIDVKZW is an inexpensive drying vent that is designed for small and tight spaces.

The drying vent has five feet ducting, which is long enough to transfer air between two endpoints in a jiffy. The dryer vent comes with a plastic lint reservoir, two plastic adjustable clamps, and a duct, as we mentioned earlier.

These add-ons with the indoor dryer vent aren’t without a purpose. The lint reservoir protects the machine from water and humidity related damage. Moreover, the clamps come in handy if you want a tight and secure system with the dryer system of your house.

As you have seen with other dryer vents, this one also comes with security features. The dryer vent is UL certified, which means you can use it for a long time.

5. Deflecto GVH4NR Galvanized Vent Hood

The Deflecto GVH4NR is quite different from other dryer vents on our list. The reason being, it has a removable hood, which means you can remove it after usage. That protects it from dust and rodents, resulting in a long life of the machine.

Another factor that adds to the durability is the Aluminum made dryer vent. Apart from being durable, the Deflecto GVH4NR is highly efficient. That is mainly due to its full mouth galvanized dryer vent with a pipe.

The feature I personally love is the two pieces of the dryer vent, which means you can adjust it as per your requirements. This is rare to find in dryer vents.  Another convenient feature is that it is a wall vent, which means you save a lot of space as you don’t always have to store it on the floor.


6. Lambro 289W Dryer Vent Seal

The Lambro 289W is a compact-sized and durable dryer vent. It is made as per USA standards and, as such, will last for decades to come (we mean it literally).

The vent seal is engineered with a slew of features to provide you with the highest level of convenience.  The machine uses gravity (instead of usual spring holders) to switch on and off. Moreover, the dryer vent doesn’t jam even after prolonged usage.

The intake opening is of 4 inches, allowing you to use it with many dryers. This comes as a relief as you won’t have to purchase a sperate vent seal with different dryers.

So if you are looking for something to depend on for years to come and is compatible with a range of dryer vents, the Lambro 289W might be the perfect choice for you.

7. Vent Works Window Dryer Vent

The Windows Dryer vent is a beauty of its own. It is one of the best dryer vents in the market in terms of design. The machine is smartly made to allow minimum airflow, which in turn maximizes efficiency. The hood is also well built.

It is not only the design that will put you in awe, but the materials with which the vent dryer is made is also of high quality. The vent is made of 24 gauge galvanized steel, making it lot stronger than other vents out there in the market.

The Windows dryer vent is highly convenient to install. No complicated installation work required. In fact, the dryer vent comes in ready to install form. You merely need to adjust the vent hood in the window and adjust the side. That’s all!


8.Whirlpool W10323246 DRYER VENT KIT

The Whirlpool Dryer Vent Kit is a versatile machine that works perfectly well with a slew of appliances.

It can be used at greater distances due to its substantial length. It is designed to provide the highest level of safety to the user. E.g., the dryer vent emits heat from the bottom and sideways during operation.  Like most other dryer vents, this one is also easy to install and operate.





 9. Builder’s Best 010149 Adjustable Dryer Vent

The Builders Best Dryer Vent is designed to use when the dryer outlet is close to the wall outlet. It can handle outlets center to center from up to 5 inches.

The dryer vent is designed to easily fit into the wall as it only needs to penetrate 2.5 inches.  The best part is that even when close to the wall, the dryer vent will maintain an optimum level of airflow. Also, it has a smooth interior, which reduces friction. All these features enhance efficiency.



10. Whirlpool 4396037RP Vent Periscope Dryer Vent

The Whirlpool Dryer Vent is a uniquely shaped dryer vent that is made of steel, making it highly durable. It has an adjustable dryer vent allowing it to be used with a variety of dryer models.

It fits close to the wall and can be designed to the exact size of your requirement. It is compact shaped and is best suited for tight spaces, even though you can use it for large areas as well.

It has a snap lock and a draw band collar, which are very easy to install. The square-edged ends of the dryer vent ensure that the floor is not damaged during usage.

These were the top 10 dryer vents to look out in 2020. We tried our best to walk you through the nuances of the machine. As you might have already guessed, the vent dryers come with varying characteristics. The best one will be as per your requirements. So have a look at what exactly your needs are before purchasing a vented dryer.


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