10 Best Septic Tank Treatments

10 Best Septic Tank treatment
(Last Updated On: March 20, 2020)

Septic tanks are used to clean and discharge sewage from homes without using sewers. The septic tank has a combined treatment that treats all sewage called “purification tank” and a single treatment that treats only sewage from flush toilets called “Minase Purification Tank” in the Septic Tank. Septic tanks are installed in all types of buildings, including detached houses, condominiums, residential buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, hotels, and pachinko parlors. The size of a septic tank is represented by a human tank or the number of persons to be treated.


Following are 10 best septic tanks treatment:

1. Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER

  • Green Gobbler septic saver has very powerful bacteria and digestive enzymes that can easily digest grease, fats, oils. paper, and other organic things. This septic saver also used to wash the sewer line and septic tank.
  • The Green Gobbler septic saver is used not only to digest organic matter but also used to digest clog-producing material. In this way, the septic tank does not overflow. Thus, you have not to pay a big amount to repair a septic tank.
  • You have to use a septic treatment only once in a month to clean your bathroom toilet. This septic saver has 6 soluble packs.
  • Green Gobbler septic treatment is much safer and stronger than other caustic chemicals. It has a 30-day money-back guaranty.


2. id-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes, 3 Month Supply Sept-Pacs, 3.2oz

  • According to “National Nielson data”, Rid-X septic tank treatment is the number one brand.
  • It continuously breaks down household garbage and also helps to prevent septic backups. This septic tank treatment also comes with an occasional pump.
  • Rid-X septic tank treatment is very to use. It dissolved pouches which are best for use in pipes and tanks.
  • This septic tank treatment has natural bacteria and advanced enzymes. Due to this, it can immediately break down the paper, protein, oils and grease.
  • Rid-X septic treatment is made from concentrated formula and can be used up to one month. It has septic tanks between 700-1500 gallons.
  • You can easily use it by placing a pouch in your toilet or flush.


3. RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes, 6 Month Supply Liquid, 48oz

  • If you want to solve problems of free-flowing septic systems and expensive septic tank backup, then it is the best option to solve these problems.
  • It also has advanced enzymes that immediately start work to break down household garbage.
  • This septic tank treatment is safe for all types of pipes and septic tanks. You can use only 8oz of liquid to clean your toilet and flush.
  • Before using it, shake the bottle and then use it. For tanks 1500 gallons is necessary. You have to use every month to clean tanks, toilets or flush.
  • It has 6 month supply of treatment for tanks up to 1500 gallons.


4. Septic Tank Treatment by Cabin Obsession

  • Cabin obsession septic tank treatment has dissolving packets that are formulated to help break down garbage of pipes and tanks.
  • It can easily maintain a septic system. Only one packet can clean your toilet or flush, pipes and tanks in one month.
  • Every packet of this septic tank treatment has billions of active bacteria that easily decompose the different layers of garbages in the tanks and pipes.
  • Cabin Obsession septic tank treatment has all-natural things, has no chemical additives. So, you do not need to worry about using it. It is safe for homes in plumbing lines.
  • This septic tank treatment also prevents bad smell. So, it is good for your nose. It also has a money-back guaranty.


5. GreenPing Solutions 52 Concentrated Formula Live Septic Tank Treatment

  • GreenPing solution septic tank treatment has active bacteria which prevents from overflowing problems without restriction.
  • The aids in the breakdown of septic waste in the pipes and tanks also prevent back up problems.
  • This septic tank treatment contains billions of active bacteria which work very quickly and absorb and digest all the type of sludge grease paper and solid waste garbage.
  • It can clean 500, 1000 and 1500 gallons. You can flush simply one pack down the toilet or flush once in the three months. In this way, you have to use only 4 packs in one year.


6. Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria

  • This septic tank treatment has a special combination of natural bacteria and enzymes which can easily digest the dead organic garbage in the plumbing system.
  • Bio-clean septic tank treatment prevents the back up of the plumbing system. You have to use 100 drains in the treatment of tank and pipes.
  • It is very easy to use and environmentally friendly and also safe the ally plumbing system.
  • Bio-clean septic tank treatment can be used for multi-purposes. For example, you can use in the kitchen sinks, showers bathtubs, garbage disposals, septic tanks and fields, cat litter pans, motor homes and many more.


7. Instant Power 1868 Septic Shock, Blue, 67.6 Fl Oz

  • This septic tank treatment can easily clear all the types of clogged and foul-smelling septic systems.
  • Instant power septic tanks also can digest the soaps, papers, and grease. Because it contains millions of active bacteria.
  • It contains lipase, protease, cellulose, and alpha-amylase bacterial / enzyme strains which are used to dissolve the system clogging matter.
  • You can easily use it directly into toilets or flush, pipes, and tanks.


8. Walex BIO-31112 Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment

  • This septic tank treatment has a water-soluble sachet and also has billions of bacteria and enzymes.
  • Walex Bio-Active septic tank treatment is very easy to use. You can simply open the packet and threw it over the toilet or flush and in the tanks and pipes.
  • It helps to prevent back up and you can observe that this septic tank treatment easily dissolves the solid garbage.
  • One drop in a month is best. Walex Bio-Active septic tank treatment is a year supply product.


9. Drano Advanced Septic Treatment

  • It is very easy to use, just drop it and then flush. It cleans all the plumbing system in a very low time.
  • Drano advanced septic tank treatment can easily break down the papers, solid waste and remove oil, grease, and proteins.
  • Each packet of Drano advanced septic tank treatment can clean up to 1500 gallons and use once in a month.
  • It has natural bacteria and enzymes which clean septic tank and all plumbing system well.
  • One bag of Drano advanced septic tank treatment contains three treatments per order and has no phosphate.


10. Roebic K-37-Q Environmentally Friendly Septic Tank Treatment

  • It is safe for all the plumbing system and works in both your septic tank and drain fields. It can clean up to a 500-gallon septic tank.
  • Roebic septic tank treatment help to prevent the clogging and overflowing of organic garbage.
  • This septic tank treatment keeps the plumbing system running steady and prevents many problems.
  • Roebic septic tank treatment also has high-quality bacteria and enzymes which is best for toilet or flush, pipes, and tanks.
  • It has an aerobic spore bacteria which resistant to soaps and other detergents and it is environment-friendly.



All the above septic tank treatment products are the best. You can choose the product according to your taste. When you are purchasing this type of product, you have to care about the quantity and quality of the chemicals ( which is used in the products ) and guaranty.

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