10 Best Worm Drive Saws

10 best worm drive saws
(Last Updated On: January 20, 2020)

We all have seen those typical handheld circular saws. You might be wondering what the fuss is about this worm drive saws?

Take a deep breath and read on to find out!

While the standard saws can be used for normal woodworking projects, they aren’t viable for big projects. The reason being, they cannot withstand the pressure that comes with large projects. Here comes a worm drive saw to rescue!

Worm drive saws have a larger motor which applies more power to projects that smaller saws cannot do. Also, the motor is placed directly behind the saw, which makes them much powerful than others. In short, if you want to cut through plywood or stud or want faster cutting, the worm drive saws might be the perfect choice for you.

Now we know its advantage, the next question is, which is the best one to go after? There is a slew of options in the market. Moreover, there are many other factors that you need to take into consideration while selecting a worm drive saw. For example, the dust blower capacity, type of housing, and bevel capacity, among others.

This leaves a person scratching his head. However, you need not worry anymore. We have shortlisted the ten best worm drive saws out there in the market. Go through the details of all of them before selecting the best one as per your requirements.

Brand NameProduct ImageView on Amazon
1. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01. Portable Worm Drive SawSony DSCW800/B
2. Cuz-D SFS-85 Industries Multi-Purpose Worm Drive SawSony DSCW800/B
3. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Lightweight Circular Worm Drive SawSony DSCW800/B
4. Milwaukee 6477-20 Circular Worm Drive SawSony DSCW800/B
5. Skil 5480-01 Circular Worm Drive Saw Sony DSCW800/B
6. Makita 5477NB Hypoid SawSony DSCW800/B
7. Bosch CSW41 Circular Worm Drive SawSony DSCW800/B
8. Makita 5377MG Hypoid Worm Drive SawSony DSCW800/B
9. DEWALT DWS535 7 Worm Drive Circular SawSony DSCW800/B
10. DEWALT DCS577X1 FLEXVOLT 60V Worm Drive SawSony DSCW800/B

1. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01. Portable Worm Drive Saw

The Skilsaw brand is the pioneer of worm drive saws. The SPT70WT-01 is designed to rip through hardwood and even metals. It has 25 rips in capacity and can cut as deep as 3-1/2 inches. All this is possible due to the 15-amp motor. Another feature that adds to the power is a huge 10-inch blade with a spinning capacity of 5300 rpm. Despite its potency, the worm drive saw weighs 49 pounds.

The Skilsaw worm drive has dual field motor, which allows the machine to function for a long time. The self-aligning rip fence feature allows the machine to move from straight to beveled position quickly. It also allows for conveniently angled cuts.

Included with the SPT70WT-01 are 24-tooth SKILSAW for ripping, guard system, and wrench. The Skilsaw worm drive is backed by one year warranty.

2. Cuz-D SFS-85 Industries Multi-Purpose Worm Drive Saw

The Cuz-D worm drive saw has an 8-1/2-inch blade, which is much larger than average saws. Resultantly, you can cut through hardwood with ease.

Also, the bevel capacity has a range of -5 to 65 degrees, which is far superior to what you will find in the mainstream worm drives. The range provided by the bevel helps to prevent the damage beneath the subfloor.

The trigger actuated lower guard is an innovative feature that allows for the safe operation of the worm drive. The 1/2 inch blade makes more rooted cutting extremely convenient. Also, you can perform undercuts smoothly. Just rotate the handle to a 90-degree setting. Despite the sheer power, the Cuz-D SFS 85 is made of Magnesium Alloy. Therefore, the entire machine is light and easy to carry.

3. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Lightweight Circular Worm Drive Saw

This Skilsaw worm drive is one of the lightest in the world with a mere weight of 11.6 lbs. Not only that, but it is also light on the pockets. The 15-amp dual field motor is powerful enough to cut through a load of lumber in no time. The motor is designed to stay cool even after long working hours.

The 7-1/4-inch blade has a cutting capacity of 2-3/8 inches. The blade spins at 5300 rpm, which helps in cutting the wood in no time. You can use the in-built measurement system for precision cutting.  On top of the speed, the Skilsaw worm drive has a 53-degree bevel capacity which is ideal for sidling, framing and ceiling applications among others.

The anti-snag lower guard allows for smooth operation as well as acts as a safety feature. The saw is well balanced and has soft ergonomic handles. Therefore, you won’t feel any pain after prolonged usage. The worm drive comes with brush and oil, so there is no need to spend extra bucks for maintenance. Also, you will find a 24-tooth carbide-tipped SKILSAW blade and a wrench for blade change.

4. Milwaukee 6477-20 Circular Worm Drive Saw

 The Milwaukee circular saw is heavier than similar saws out there in the market. It weighs around 15 pounds. However, the weight allows the saw to remain balanced during usage. The grip is made with plastic and rubber, which provides a good grip. The rubber also acts as a cushion against external shocks. This means you can expect it to function smoothly even after it has accidentally fallen.

The size of the blade is 7-1/4 inch and can cut up to 2-7/16 inch deep. It spins at 4,400 rpm, which is lower than the average spin of a worm drive saw. A 51.5-degree bevel makes the saw ideal for multiple usages e.g., flooring, roofing, etc.

The Milwaukee 6477-20 circular saw has an oil slight glass. Now you can easily see the oil level without opening up the machine. Interesting, isn’t it?

The handle is comfortable enough to use the saw for long hours. The shoe is made of composite and the casing of magnesium and hard plastic. This makes the Milwaukee saw durable. The five-year warranty is quite impressive as most worm drive saws offer a mere one year warranty.

5. Skil 5480-01 Circular Worm Drive Saw

Here is another Skilsaw worm drive that makes it to our list. It is lighter than the previous models. Despite being compact, it is powerful enough to get your tasks done quickly. The 13-amp motor can easily rip through all kinds of wood in no time.

The Skil 5480-01 saw has a 30% wider foot compared to its predecessors. This makes the saw stable enough to use for deep cuts. The anti-sang lower guard prevents hang-ups while the trigger safety lock prevents the saw from the accidental start.

6. Makita 5477NB Hypoid Saw

 The Makita 5477NB Hypoid Saw is designed to provide you more power than traditional saws. Therefore, you can use it for a wide range of activities. This includes but not limited to framing walls, floors, roofs, and siding. The motor is of 15-amp and can reach speed up to 4500 rpm. The hypoid gear has a greater surface area than the average. All these features allow you to rip through a variety of timber without any hassle. The bevel capacity lies in the range of 0º – 51.5º

The Makita worm drive saw has a slew of features to provide you with the highest level of comfort. The rubber handgrips are good at absorbing vibrations. There is also a blade wrench that you can use to change the blade of the saw in no time. The base plate of the saw is rustproof. All these features not only make the Makita worm drive saw highly convenient to use but also add to the durability of the product. Finally, you have a saw which you can use for an extended period without worrying about replacing it now and then.

7. Bosch CSW41 Circular Worm Drive Saw

The Bosch CSW41 is an elegantly designed circular saw that is designed to provide you power, comfort, and stability.

The saw works for an extended period compared to others. The secret behind the durability is the advanced lubrication system which automatically keeps the parts in perfect condition. Also, the circular saw has magnesium components that keep it cool. Hence it prevents the wear and tear of the parts due to overheating.

Talking about the power, the saw has a 15-amp motor. The 53 bevel capacity allows you to make deep cuts with relative ease. You can change the blade and brush comfortably and in no time. Thanks to the multifunction wrench.

The Bosch circular saw is designed to give you the highest level of comfort. The anti-snag lower guard helps in smooth running. It has a soft grip, and you can hold the saw for an entire day without fearing any ramifications.

8. Makita 5377MG Hypoid Worm Drive Saw

The Makita worm drive saw combines power and advanced technology to deliver perennial performance. The 15-amp and 4500 rpm motor are designed to cut through all kinds of timber with minimum effort.

The worm drive saw is compact size yet strong enough to withstand onsite rigours. Also, the components are made of high-quality magnesium, which adds to the durability. The connection between the worm drive and blade is via hypoid gear, which enhances power transmission. The best part about the gear is that it doesn’t require maintenance. I know you are scratching your head. The reason for no maintenance is that the equipment is submerged in oil. The weight of the saw is 13.2 lbs. It can bevel up to 51.5 and cut up to 2-3/8 depth.

Now let’s talk about the design of the Makita saw. Even though it is lightweight due to magnesium components, the saw is well balanced. Therefore, you can carry out deep cuts smoothly. The ergonomic handle grip gives you a firm grip. With all these features, you can use the saw with peace of mind.

9. DEWALT DWS535 7 Worm Drive Circular Saw

The Dewalt DWS535 7 circular saw weighs a mere 13.8 pounds. This is light enough to carry around easily. However, the saw is powerful enough to rip through sheets of plywood or any other kind of wood.

With a bevel capacity of 53 degrees, a no-load speed of 4800 rpm, and an option of 2-7/16-inch depth of cuts, you can be sure to get the job done neatly and in no time.

The Dewalt circular saw is incorporated with a slew of features to provide you the highest level of convenience. For example, there is a wide saw hook. The width prevents it from falling when you are working off the ground. The push-button spindle lock is designed to help you change the blades in the least amount to time.  The magnesium used in the saw is much thicker than others, which provides added durability. On top of that, the Toughcord protection system minimizes the damage from jerks.

With all the safety features, we can safely say that the Dewalt DWSS35 circular saw is perfectly designed to withstand the rigors of the job.

10. DEWALT DCS577X1 FLEXVOLT 60V Worm Drive Saw

 Dewalt claims the DCS577X1 to be the most powerful circular saw in the market. What makes it different from others? Let’s try to find out.

The Dewalt worm drive has a brushless motor, which is rare to find in other saws. This feature allows the motor to remain cool, extending its life. Another rare to find feature is the dust blower. It is used to keep the cutline visible, so you carry out your work without any errors.

Talking about the design, Dewalt has designed the handle to provide your hands with the highest level of comfort. The main handle is curved and fits the hand very well. The high-grade magnesium shoe delivers accurate and smooth cuts. Like all other worm drive saws, the Dewalt DCS577X1 also has wrench storage, which makes changing blades highly convenient. The bevel has a capacity of 53° with stops at 45° and 22.5°, which makes the saw ideal for almost all kinds of wood.


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