100 Feet Range Cable Matters Wireless 4K HDMI Extender Review of 2021

100 Feet Range Cable Matters Wireless 4K HDMI Extender
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2021)

The continuing development in the wireless communications industry has given us many useful gadgets. These devices guarantee to make our regular day to day existence simpler in a different manner.One of the devices is a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver. IT will help you effectively move great picture and sound through floors and walls. Also, this gear can do adequately transmitting significant standards of video yield.Presently it isn’t advanced science to transmit and get the HDMI flag remotely; however, you have to pick the suitable item thoughtfully. The unique aspect of these devices is that they are effortless to install and use.


As you know, we are living in a world of wireless connectivity. For this purpose, we required a wireless HDMI transmitter nowadays. Additionally, you don’t need cables to connect your laptop or other devices to your TV sets, and you can enjoy a sizeable operational range through a wireless HDMI transmitter.

The wireless HDMI transmitter is HD TV transmitters, which provide on-screen occasions on a device connected to TV sets or projectors.You can easily set it up and allow you to use it quickly, like home or work. It can transmit audio and video without cables and give your home a clean look.With a 100-foot transmission range, this wireless HDMI transmitter has a rigid frequency band of 60 GHz. It is well-suited with a wide range of devices and provides an easy solution to your communication problems. Plus, it has a lightweight stand, which lets you place it anywhere and supports micro USB power and the weight of HDMI cables.

The Cable Matters Wireless 4K HDMI Extender is easy to install and does not require any dip switch settings or software. Besides, it transmits clutter-free and non-compressed videos and is perfect for conference rooms or classrooms. Additionally, it comes in a lightweight design and has a cable port on the receiver as well as a transmitter.This transmitter has the skill to transfer data from one device to another device in the same room. The 100-foot limit can provide links without any interruption between the sender and receiver in the same place. The transmitter arises with all the essential materials to configure it, such as power adapters, power cables, and user manuals.

  • Installation is effortless

  • One year warranty

  • It comes with 4K HDMI cables

  • It smoothly works anywhere that has an HDMI outputs

  • Great connection quality

  • No need for home Wi-Fi network

  • Consumers claim that the signals are not right when the distance only extends to 15 feet.

  • Power adapters and cables quality are not durable at all.

  • This product demonstrates a high latency, and when played, there is a lot of noise in the videos.

  • It does not support 3D signals

Bottom Line

In cable cases, the wireless HDMI extender easily converts HDMI sources into projectors for many offers. It is ideal for people who do not prefer cable to their rooms. It transmits sound audio and video signals. During an unwanted transition, it’s easy to reset because saving you an average of 10 seconds at reset time. It is the policy of the cable affairs company to ship the goods within 24 hours. It is a top seller, pocket-friendly prices.


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