11 Best Portable Power Stations In 2021

Best portable power stations
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2021)

Nowadays, it is essential to have a reliable and effective portable power station at home. Various items can lead you to be helpless for a long time due to the power cut off. A portable power station is a simple battery-operated backup system that provides you with electricity when you need it.  Portable power stations are also helpful in travelling, as we need them to charge our electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., where the electricity or charging facility will not be available.

We have listed the best portable power station available in the market, which will help you out in selecting the right kind of product according to your requirement.

Brand NameProduct ImageView on Amazon
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240
NEXPOW Portable Power Station
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station
Westinghouse iGen160s Portable Power Station
ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator
Paxcess Portable Power Station
Suaoki Portable Power Station
EF ECO FLOW River 370 Portable Power Station
Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator
A-iPower SUA2000iV Super Quiet Inverter Generator
WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter

1. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

Jackery is a well-known brand for its reasonable choices. If you want an inexpensive but good handy power plant, this might be the best choice for you. You’ll have a battery power of 167 Watts per hour, capable of 100 watts and 150 watts.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160 has three different outlets: 1 110 volts AC, 2 USB outlets, and 1 12 volt DC. If you look at the configuration, this is one of the most compact mobile power plants on our list. Due to its compact size and lightweight, it can easily accommodate anywhere easily. This power station can be connected with three different devices simultaneously. This power station comes with two years of manufacturer warranty.


Capacity: 240Wh (16.8Ah, 14.4V)
Battery Type: 67000mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Input: 8mm DC, 2V~30V (42W max. )
AC Output: 110V, 200W (400W peak.)
Car Port:  DC 12V, 10A, 120 Watt
USB Outputs (2): 5V, 2.4A (each)
Weight: 6.6  lbs
Dimensions: 9.05*5.24*7.87in
Connecting devices 3 devices at a time



  • Compact and lightweight power station


  • Power capacity is low
  • Cannot support devices (Blender, Heated travel mug, Hairdryer, Pressure cooker, Kettle)

2. NEXPOW Portable Power Station

Nexpow is quite famous for delivering many popular products. It has a strong battery, with a capacity of 178 watt-hours, and provides a 120-watts output and a maximum surge capability of 150 watts. A total of 5 different outlets are available that can accommodate 5 devices at a time.

NEXPOW Portable Power Station can be used as a flashlight and has an integrated flashlight on the front. It comes with many safety features, such as voltage regulation, power control, and temperature control. On a small front LCD panel, you can see the remaining powers and input and output levels.


  • 178-watt hour lithium-ion battery
  • Can be used for five different devices simultaneously
  • 120 watts regular output
  • 150 watts surge capacity
  • 15 watts USB outlet ports
  • 45 watts type c USB port
  • 120 volt AC outlet ports
  • 84 watts DC outlet port
  • Built-in torch
  • Voltage control, current control, and temperature control
  • Two years of the warranty period


  • Five built-in outlets are available.
  • Power capacity is considerably better.
  • Pretty safe to operate.


  • Only five outlets are available.
  • The LCD is pretty small.

3. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

Zero Yéti 400 Portable Powerstation is one of the reliable products on our list. It works at 1200 start watts and 300 working watts in the AC outlets. It can be used as a substitute for gas-powered generators. This goal zero yeti lithium portable power stations can be plugged in a wall socket or the compatible Solar Panel can be recharged by the Sun within approximately 4 hours.


  • US-based customer service
  • Recharge up to 7 devices at the same time
  • Replaceable battery design


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Informative LCD Display
  • Charging up to seven devices at once,
  • Recharge via AC or solar panels can recharge a smartphone more than 30 times on a single charge,


  • Heavy because of lead batteries,
  • Expensive
  • Need to purchase solar panel separately

4. Westinghouse iGen160s Portable Power Station

Westinghouse is a lesser-known brand that offers a lot of value for money. The Westinghouse iGen160s can generate 100 rated watts and 150 wind speeds. It is equipped with an AC plug, 12 volt DC car plug, or even a solar generator charged by a 155 watt-hour battery.

It is equipped with 10 different outlets, which include 2 120 volt home AC, 2 5 volt USB ports, 1 5 volt C USB port, 1 5 volt USB 3.0 port, and 3 12 volts DC. DC ports are accessible. A built-in torch is an added feature of this equipment. There is also an LCD which displays various information. It is light in weight with just 5,03 lbs


  • 155 watt-hour lithium-ion battery
  • Can be used for ten different devices simultaneously
  • 100 watts regular output
  • 150 watts surge capacity
  • 2 5 volts USB outlet ports
  • 1 5 volt USB C port
  • 1 USB 3.0 port
  • 2 120 volt AC outlet ports
  • 1 12 volt DC outlet port
  • Multiple charging options available
  • Solar charger supported.
  • Two years of the warranty period


  • Versatile Outlets
  • 3 Mode Lighting
  • Ultra-Portable
  • 3 Charging Styles
  • Outdoor Use
  • Indoor Use
  • No Engine, No Hassle


  • The power capacity is pretty moderate.

5. ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator

In addition to the power station, Rockpals has several high-quality items. This is a powerful, portable power station generator with high power outputs of 300 watts and a surge capacity of up to 600 watts. This power comes from a 280-watt hour battery, which can be charged with an AC wall socket, a solar generator from 60 to 100 watts, and even your outlet’s vehicle.

It has a large LCD monitor that shows all required details such as solar input, AC input or output, battery power, and USB. The regular three-way loading system includes solar charging, charging for cars, and general AC charging. Rockpals provide you 1 1⁄2 year of warranty.


  • 280 watt-hour lithium-ion battery
  • Can be used for nine different devices simultaneously
  • 300 watts regular output
  • 600 watts surge capacity
  • 2 2.1 amp USB outlet ports
  • Two quick charges USB 3.0 ports
  • 1 110 volt AC outlet ports
  • 5 96 watts volt DC outlet port
  • 3-way charging system
  • 1 ½ year warranty available


  • Power capacity is pretty good in comparison.
  • Multiple outlet ports are available.


  • Expensive

6. Paxcess Portable Power Station

Paxcess has a very high 2886 watt-hour capacity battery, which can typically provide 330 watts of power and has up to 700 Watts on board, compared to many other options on our list. The wireless charging station at the top is a vital feature of the portable power plant from Paxcess. This makes it easy to charge your phone quickly.

You can charge or control eight different devices at a time with the power station. The outlet port consists of one 110 Volts AC, three USB 3.0, and one USB C, and three additional DC ports. There is also a small LCD monitor on the front of the power plant that displays various important aspects including battery level and battery input or output. In case of an emergency, there are 2 LED lights on the top and SOS lights. The Paxcess campsite generator has 1 1⁄2 year of warranty.


  • Six watt-hours lithium-ion battery
  • Can be used for eight different devices simultaneously
  • 330 watts regular output
  • 1 USB type c
  • 700 watts surge capacity
  • Wireless charger on top
  • 3 USB outlet ports
  • 1 110 volt AC outlet ports
  • 1 12 volt DC outlet port
  • LED lights on top
  • 1 ½ year warranty


  • Light -Weight but Large-Capacity
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Power capacity is much better in comparison.
  • Wireless charging is a great feature.

7. Suaoki Portable Power Station

Suaoki is another extremely successful brand. It is the best lithium portable power station in the market. This is a small power plant which can be useful for long journeys.

It has a lithium-ion battery of 150 watts per hour, which is connected to 10 separate ports. The outlet ports include 3 USB ports with a capacity of 2.1, 1 USB 3.0, 4 DC ports with 12 volts, and two different sockets. The portable power plant of Suaoki can be recharged within 7-8 hours via a 110 volt AC supply. You can also power it using a 12-volt car charging port or 60 watts on a 100-watt solar charger if you do not have an AC socket accessible. The handles can be concealed on the top for a better look and style. It comes with two years warranty.


  • 150-watt hour lithium-ion battery
  • Can be used for ten different devices simultaneously
  • 3 2.1 amp USB outlet ports
  • 1 USB 3.0 port
  • Two different prong sockets
  • 4 12 volt DC outlet port
  • Up to 110-volt input needed for recharge
  • Can be charged by a 12-volt carport
  • 60 watts to 100 watts solar panel supported
  • Two years of warranty available


  • Multi Charging Ports
  • Ideal Outdoor Charging Partner


  • The power capacity is low.
  • Not suitable for heavy applications

8. EF ECO FLOW River 370 Portable Power Station

You might well have a large number of electrical devices to keep charged if you go on a road trip with your family. The portable power station Eco Flow River has 11 power outlets, which must be more than adequate for the length of your journey to keep DVD players, tablets, and smartphones going. The production of 300 watts can also be used if required for CPAP machines. It is a compact and lightweight design. You can load it with a wall socket or your 12V car loader.


Capacity: 370Wh(100000mAh at 3.7V)
Product Size: 25cm X 16cm X 20.8cm
Product Weight: 5.1kg(11.3lbs)
Package Size: 36cm X 23cm X 27cm
Package Weight: 7kg
Packaging: 1 River 370, 1 Travel Case, 1 Car Charger to Type-C, 1            Type-C  Cable, 1 Wall PD Adapter


  • Versatile use & powerful functions
  • Super-lightweight energy storage
  • Heat dissipation & advanced thermal management
  • Solid protection
  • One year warranty
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Thermal management system to prevent overheating
  • 500 starting watts, 300 running watts
  • High output
  • LCD screen
  • Battery management system for safety
  • Fast charging

9. Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator

It is an eco-friendly device with a high power capacity and can be rated as one of the best available generators. It comes with all outlets, including a computer device, DC, and various USB outlets; you can need at home or traveling. It has a strong battery unit that your smartphone can be charged eight times when fully charged.

Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator is very lightweight, and you can easily travel with it. Due to its light weight, it can easily be carried on camping and hiking trips without hassle. This unit is mostly solar light powered, but three different re-charging options, including a wall outlet or adapters in your vehicle. This is a power adapter that is easy to use and tailored to other homes and users.


Power Type: Solar
Capacity: 500 Watts
Dimensions: 11.4 x 4.3 x 5.2 Inches


  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Backup Battery
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Very lightweight
  • High power capacity
  • Mainly solar powered
  • Three-way charging

10. A-iPower SUA2000iV Super Quiet Inverter Generator

This inverter generator produces 2000 watts of power, Its 1-gallon gas tank provides hours of power. Only half a fuel tank is enough for 7 hours, so that, it is highly efficient in case of power failure and campsites. It’s low idle’ feature enabling you to run for just 9 hours on half the tank’s capacity. It’s flexible and quiet so that it can be used anywhere without hassles.

It has some of the world’s leading inverter technology to provide all your devices with secure and clean electricity. This inverter is lightweight and compact, and you can easily carry and store it. It has effortless starting options, which include a multi-switch that can start, run, or stop any functions. It has different ports, such as AC outlets and USB port.


Power Type: Gas, Fuel
Capacity: 2000 Watts
Dimensions: 13 x 20 Inches


  • Powerful motor
  • Long-lasting
  • Highly efficient generator
  • Safe and clean
  • Easy to operate

11. WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter

WEN 56200i is a small size portable power inverter. It is light in weight, weighing only 39lbs, so that it is easy to carry anywhere. It is quiet and environmentally friendly. This inverter provides you 2000 clean power watts that allow you to charge even sensitive equipment, including smartphones and tablets.

This inverter is supplied with a zero-goal fuel switch, which maximizes the system lifetimes using the remaining fuel until shutdown. It also means that you can get the most from the power and resources. There are two triple 120V receivers, a DV outlet, and two USB outlets for all devices and specifications.


Engine 4-stroke 79.7cc OHV
Fuel Tank 1 Gallon
Surge Wattage 2000W
Running Wattage 1600W
Product Dimensions 18″ x 11″ x 18″
Runtime 9.4 Hours Quarter-Load


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Compact size for storage
  • Fuel shut-off setting to maximize the lifespan
  • Various outlets
  • Clean and quiet operation


A portable power station can support you a great deal on your routes even when there are major power cuts. You can charge different electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, power banks, etc. with a portable power station. And if you need electrical instruments, you can also control them as TV, speakers, and even energy resources. It is challenging to pick the right portable power plant. We have provided you with a list of the best mobile plants to make sure that you can choose the one that suits your needs.

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