17 Best Pillows for Neck Pain of 2021

17 Best pillows for neck pain with expert reviews FAQ & buying Guide
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2021)

Do you get up every morning with undeniable pain in your neck? You aren’t the only one. Some two-thirds Trusted Source of people are dealing with pain in the neck by faith. While it will result in general, influence people the most in middle age, neck pain can affect anybody. The pain can resolve in a couple of days or weeks, but up to 10% of people may experience chronic problems.

Your sleep position and pillow can play a significant role in ongoing pain. The people of Abdominal sleepers, for example, they may be the most commonly encountered neck pain. This position means that your neck twist around your neck and your spine also curve. For relief, experts try to rest on your back or your side and picking a cushion that is helpful with supporting the neck and its characteristic bend.

Searching the best pillow for neck pain is no easy task. There will be many things to look for, including the exact reason for your neck pain and your sleep lifestyles. However, focusing on some key points can help. You should have to find the best pillow for neck pain, consider pillow features, pillow materials, and your sleeping style.

Everybody has a different sleeping style, which means that the pillows we use can’t fit for different people. Whether you’re trying to get a side sleeper, a back sleeper, a tummy sleep, or a warm run, rest assured that there is an ideal pillow for you. But in addition to your sleeping position, another essential factor to consider when selecting a pillow is your neck discomfort too.

This guide will explore various issues for neck pain sleepers. Below you will find our best product of neck pillows for neck pain. Our selections are depending on verified user and owner experiences as well as in-depth product research and analysis.

Brand Name
Product ImageView on Amazon
Mediflow The First and Original Water Pillow
MyPillow Queen Classic Medium Support Pillow
Belly Sleep Memory Foam PillowB00FT9UX2C
Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow
The Purple Pillow, Cooling Cradling Neck Support
Coop Home Goods Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
Proper Pillow The Back and Side Support Sleep
Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow
Chiroflow Waterbase Waterpillow, Standard, White

PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow w/Cooling Gel
Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow, Standard
Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Standard Size Pillow, Cervical Support Pillow for Sleeping
Classic Brands 810840-6030 Conforma Ventilated Memory Foam Cushion Firm Pillow, Queen
Gel Memory Foam L-Shape Pillow for Side Sleeping Comfort
Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow, King
Medium Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow 
POLAR SLEEP Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping

1. Mediflow The First and Original Water Pillow

The Water Pillow is the first and foremost water pillow by MediFlow, and Mediflow has spent the last 20+ years just improving the sleep of millions. The water pillow through the midflow automatically responds to the movement of your head while you sleep to maintain proper support for your neck. Your head rests on a soft, plump layer of padding (fiber, bottom, or memory foam) of your high-quality, which connects with a thin water base at the bottom of the pillow.

Just alter the immovability of your pillow by including the measure of water that gives the ideal level of support for you delicate, medium, or firm. You don’t have to get up and down many times to replenish and re-stuff because the water base maintains your support. The water pillow made up of two layers designed by Midiflow. One is a bottom layer of water, and the other is a super soft top layer. Imagine that your head and neck are swimming in a gentle cloud of comfort.

2. MyPillow Queen Classic Medium Support Pillow

When it comes to neck pain and finding the right pillow to help, it is non-negotiable. This medium support pillow features excellent support and interlocking interchangeability for better night comfort, no matter your position. The Mayflower also prefers the “Puff Factor,” which makes this pillow feel just right without any suites.

Just imagine that a pillow that supports a refreshing night’s sleep by adjusting to fit your head. Now you can thank the Mypillow interlocking foam design. Each Mypillow unique composition allows you to get a good night’s sleep, a custom fit, and after quite a while after night.¬† The extraordinary design of Mypillow can accommodate your needs, no matter how or where you rest.

3. Belly Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

Maybe you’re only a stomach sleeper, and keeping in mind that that is commonly the most exceedingly terrible situation for neck pain, there are still committed to helping minimize issues similar to the Belly Sleep Memory Foam Pillow. This cushion is slim and level, making it ideal for belly sleepers, in addition to it has curved edges to diminish head turn.

Dozing on a spotless pillow is critical for your health. That is the reason Belly Sleep made our cushion with a removable and launderable spread made of bamboo and polyester. This material likewise usually wicks away dampness from your skin and is amazingly scent safe.

4. Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow

A pillow that shapes your body well, especially the neck area, can improve things significantly, mainly when pain decrease is a problem that needs to be addressed. This adaptable foam pillow from Epabo highlights an essential ergonomic plan to help to back and support your head, neck, and shoulders, permitting you to float off into continuous sleep and wake up feeling new.

5. The Purple Pillow, Cooling Cradling Neck Support

It is an innovative alternative you were searching for. The Purple Pillow produced using hyper-flexible polymers organized in a keen solace matrix, explicitly intended for head and neck support. Because of its cutting edge fill material, it never loses its shape and conveys steady solace and more helpful to the neck pain.

6. Coop Home Goods Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

If you spend eight hours a night tossing and turning a pillow that is too flat or too fat, your brain and body suffer. Your unique look and position of sleep should determine the high floor of your ideal pillow for a healthy sleep posture. That’s why we designed the pillow that suits you.

Gentle, breathable, and helpful from edge to edge, Eden, restore your unique size and sleeping position to create a restful sleep and a stimulating morning. Ideal for hot sleepers, Eden’s cross-cut memory foam filler produces a relaxed cooling experience. This means that there are no more sweaty nights during the tossing and turning.

7. Proper Pillow The Back and Side Support Sleep

The proper pillow specifically designed to promote waist, neck, and spine alignment, providing more comfort and comfortable sleep at night. It is the only neck pillow that allows you to sleep on both sides back and side sleepers. This cervical pillow features a low-density foam internal orthotic that enables the head to swim freely while the neck and spine are reinforced.

After that, the Jang enclosed in a cooling sleeve so that the pillow stays cool overnight. For easy washing, the last outer cover is removable. Choosing a chiropractor is preferred over the appropriate pad because it can help “tech neck” or “military neck,” in cases where the backbone damage due to phone and computer use.

8. Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow

The soft try core has two different width necklaces, top, and bottom, to provide a custom fit to different sized golds. Side lobes are taller for side gold and support the neck. High elastic fiber springs back when compressed for unstable relief and stability. The blended cotton cover is soft to breathe and touch.

The standard tri-size makes a standard pillow. The trapezoid-shaped center helps improve orthopedic benefits for waist sleep by deepening the head and facilitating a built-in neck to support the neck. Comfortable, but sturdy, side lobes help the head in a natural position while sleeping.

Since cervical curvature supported in the unbiased position, the use of tri-core pillows helps to correct nerve impairment and promote the efficacy of injuries. More importantly, the tree cover helps improve good health while providing maximum relief by supporting the usual typical bend of the neck and spine.

9. Chiroflow Waterbase Waterpillow, Standard, White

Are you searching for the best pillow for neck pain, at a reasonable expense? The Chiroflow water pad is truly outstanding, with various analysts noticing that they adored how it could be redone to give the help they required. Numerous analysts clear noted that it worked incredibly to help them after neck wounds. They additionally noticed that it was airtight, agreeable to rest on, and simple to set up.

10. PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow w/Cooling Gel

The PharMeDoc pillow offers neck support, but it’s also a cool gel that helps keep the head cool in warm climates (or for those suffering from hot flashes). Reviewers loved this pillow, and it was created with the top online product.

11. Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow, Standard

It is one of the best pillows for neck pain options, DanteSleep.com reviewers think. It is made of soft, all-natural latex, and resistant to bacteria, mold, particles, and fungus. They especially understand that it can be the best pillow for neck pain and headaches.

When you fall asleep in the back of your spine, try to compensate for the lack of support around your neck and head. It is why if your head does not support properly, you will feel stiff, and in fact, muscle tension can cause significant headaches over time.

12. Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Standard Size Pillow, Cervical Support Pillow for Sleeping


Sleep innovations make an excellent pillow for side sleepers with neck pain. It is a standard flexible foam development (made entirely in the United States) that is lighter than other portions of different pillows for neck pain available in the market. It’s one of the inexpensive products on the market.

13. Classic Brands 810840-6030 Conforma Ventilated Memory Foam Cushion Firm Pillow, Queen

The Conforma Memory Foam Pillow is an excellent choice for the people who are searching for the best cushion for side sleepers with pain in the neck, as it consolidates stable development and bolsters that help keeps the neck upheld during rest. With its firm help, numerous more significant people also like the pillow.

14. Gel Memory Foam L-Shape Pillow for Side Sleeping Comfort

Another exceptional choice for side sleepers! SleepComfortably.org is the most one of a kind and conceivably best pillow for side sleepers with pain in the neck. It also diminishes the requirement for various pillows. Different commentators state it did ponders for their shoulders and pain in the neck since it had the option to give them support on the two sides.

15. Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow, King

This pillow, made by SleepBetter, utilizes a miniaturized scale denier gel fiber that impersonates the sentiment of the gentlest down plumes. Numerous commentators guarantee that this pillow gives them the non-abrasiveness they love, with the help they have to calm their pain in the neck. Also, these cushions remain soft for even the hardest sleepers.

16. Medium Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow

This cushion for pain in the neck is incredible by and broad choice for those who are hoping to locate the correct sort of help they need while dozing. The bamboo spread is additionally machine launderable, and all items utilized right now hypoallergenic.

17. POLAR SLEEP Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping

Polar Sleep Memory Foam Cervical Pillow is sufficiently delicate to fit in with the state of your head; however, steady enough to keep your neck and back adjusted appropriately. The center of the pillow assists with supporting the head. Your head never sinks directly down to the bedding, awakening without any neck agony and cerebral pains. You will inhale all the more unreservedly and diminish wheezing. POLAR SLEEP shape cervical cushion alleviation for your shoulder and pain in the neck. It suits for various position and mix sleepers.

The Final Verdict

Relieving neck pain can be as easy as changing the pillow. There are many options available to meet a variety of necessities and financial plans, so see what it works for you. Many companies offer money-back guarantees, so if that doesn’t work, you covered. Still, if you have neck pain after changing the pillow or your sleeping position, consider meeting with your doctor to rule out more severe conditions.

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