7 Best Ryobi Pressure Washers In 2020

7 Best Ryobi Pressure Washers
(Last Updated On: October 24, 2020)

A pressure washer is a fine outdoor device that can help you clean a range of products like patio furniture, clasps, wooden decks, access roads, boats, etc. These machines are powered by electricity or gas or specially designed to save time and money from washing items by hand. You are looking for the right equipment, and you want to get rid of dirt, grate, or grime from your house. It would help if you had efficient pressure washers, such as those from Ryobi.

Ryobi is a company made up of people known as ‘DIY’ who love to tinker, change, and make different items. They are proud to build instruments to operate around the house and invent new equipment and systems. There are many Ryobi pressure washer models available on the market. So you do not have to waste any time on research. We have selected a list of our favorite Ryobi pressure washer models. Below are essential information and advantageous features of each of our favorite models for Ryobi Pressure Washer, which helps you understand how?


Brand NameProduct ImageView on Amazon
Ryobi RY141900 Electric Pressure Washer
Ryobi RY141612 Electric Pressure Washer
Ryobi RY14122 Electric Pressure Washer
Ryobi 3100-PSI 2.5-GPM Gas Pressure Washer 
Ryobi 1700 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer
Ryobi RY802900 Gas Pressure Washer
Ryobi RY80544 Gas Pressure Washer

1. Ryobi RY141900 Electric Pressure Washer

It’s a remarkably powerful unit, given that it’s an electrical and not a gas-powered pressure washer. With its 2000 PSI, 13-amp electric motor, and 1.2 GPM, this power washer can be used for light to medium household washing. The total cleaning capacity is 2400. This sturdy-looking Ryobi pressure washer is incredibly lightweight, just 32 pounds. The Ryobi 2000 psi pressure washer electric motor is neatly enclosed by a sturdy metal frame with a high degree of safety. There is a handle made of foam and a hose reel on the top of its body.

This power washer can be packed tightly when not in use. Below the body, there are two comfortable wheels for more accessible transport. This Ryobi 1900 psi pressure washer comes with a 25-foot non-marring, high-pressure hose, and three separate quick-connect nozzles. The manufacturer promises that the turbo nozzle will improve the washing efficiency by up to 50%.


Power Source 13 amp Electric Motor
Dimensions 16.5 x 19.2 x 34 In
PSI 2000 PSI, 1.2 GPM


  • 13 amp electric motor
  • 2000 PSI, 1.2 GPM
  • 25-foot hose
  • Removable detergent tank
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Roll-cage frame for smooth movement
  • Convenient use


  • Warranty isn’t reliable

2. Ryobi RY141612 Electric Pressure Washer

This pressure washing machine is your cleaning equipment in residential areas for walls, chairs, lawns, grilles, and other cleaning jobs. Ryobi electric pressure washer provides 1.600 PSI water pressure at a rate of 1.2 GPM, making it ideal for patios, barbecues, capers, and bike systems. It also has an aluminum pump. It has three easy connecting pins. The Ryobi 1600 psi pressure washer also has a spray wall to ease the washing. It has a lightweight build for maximum comfort and supports simple operation and handling. It is compact.


Power Source Electric Motor
Dimensions 12.5 x 10 x 9.5 In
PSI 1600 PSI


  • Lightweight
  • Turbo nozzle
  • Portable


  • A wide connector can be a little hard to attach to a socket

3. Ryobi RY14122 Electric Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is a device built to give you the best of services on the rigid surfaces. It is fitted with a powerful 13 Amp Electric Motor that delivers a maximum water pressure of 1700 PSI at a flow rate of 1.2 GPM for fast cleaning of windows, decks, driveways, and other residential areas.

It is the best electric pressure washer. The lightweight roller cage and sturdy frame are best for fast handling and transport. There is also an onboard washing powder tank for a quick cleaning operation. There are three nozzles in this device. It is even best for extension storage to easily accommodate the nozzle, hose, and trigger handle.


Power Source Electric Motor
Dimensions Unspecified
PSI 1700 PSI, 1.2 GPM


  • Powerful motor
  • Storage space
  • Compact and durable frame


  • Maybe noisy

4. Ryobi 3100-PSI 2.5-GPM Gas Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is another product designed to help you deal with the most challenging work. It is fitted with an impressive 187 cc Honda gasoline engine that boasts strength. This system provides a maximum water pressure of 3100 PSI. It’s great to quickly clean your walls, decks, driveways, and more your home areas.

The washer frame is designed to last a long time and be lightweight for easy transport and durability. It features an Idle Down system designed to minimize fuel consumption, reduce noise, and increase the pump and engine’s life.


  • Lightweight and robust frame
  • Guarantee for three years
  • Usage and setup simple.


  • No choices for clearing or blowing

5. Ryobi 1700 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

This Ryobi pressure washer 1700 is made to support you with the most challenging cleaning tasks. It comes with a capacity of13-amp electric motor. It provides a water pressure of 1700 PSI at a flow rate of 1.2 GPM for fast cleaning of your walls, decks, driveways, etc.

There’s an onboard detergent tank that will provide you with an easy-to-use cleaning service. In this situation, you won’t need a bucket and a hose. It also features two fast attach nozzles and a Turbo Nozzle for added convenience and up to 50 percent additional cleaning capacity.


  • Detergent tank
  • Turbo nozzle
  • Three years limited warranty


  • The hose is not reliable.

6. Ryobi RY802900 Gas Pressure Washer

It is an excellent domestic pressure washer for larger household cleaning tasks; its 2900 PSI, 2.3 GPM pressurizer is good enough for most home cleaning projects and small to medium commercial and technical cleaning projects. As a bonus, this Ryobi Pressure Washer model includes a pair of Toucan City safety glasses to protect your eyes from water or debris damage during cleaning.

The 12-inch wheels of this Ryobi ry 2900 psi pressure washer make it an easy-to-move outdoor cleaning device, easy-to-cross even more challenging and more uneven surfaces with minimal disruption. It is portable and quickly moves anywhere, hand-held truck-style frame, making it easy to drive across the challenging outdoor terrain and clean the harder to reach outdoor areas. The removable nozzles are flexible and versatile, making it one of the best Ryobi pressure washer models for a wide variety of more significant projects.


Power Source Gas Engine
Dimensions Unspecified
PSI 2900 PSI, 2.3 GPM


  • The sustainable frame of the truck
  • PSI 2900, GPM 2.3
  • Five switchable boxes
  • 12-inch wide wheels
  • Included surveillance glasses


  • None

7. Ryobi RY80544 Gas Pressure Washer

The Ryobi RY80544 Gas Pressure Washer is a high-powered gas pressure washer for effective, domestic or commercial outdoor use. Its powerful 212 cc gas engine drives a 3100 PSI, 2.5 GPM pressurizer for efficient, fast cleaning of even the toughest dirt in larger outdoor areas.

This Ryobi 3100 psi pressure washer has a lightweight, robust roll cage. The engine features are dramatically reducing fuel consumption and holding the engine running volume to a minimum for more inoffensive, quiet operation and comfortable high-power cleaning tasks at home or in the company.


Power Source 212 cc Gas Engine
Dimensions 19 x 21 x 35 In
PSI 3100 PSI, 2.5 GPM


  • 212 cc gas engine
  • 3100 PSI, 2.5 GPM
  • Durable roll cage construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Low fuel consumption


  • None


The above are just a few of the top electrical and gas pressure washers on the market. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you to choose the right pressure washer. For your cleaning job, the best Ryobi pressure washer should have a powerful engine with high water pressure, a detergent tank, and more essential functionalities. The right soap must be used to clean the requisite dirt and grime, giving you a successful result.









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