8 Best Floor Pillows of 2020

Best Floor Pillows
(Last Updated On: July 28, 2020)

Everyone loves to enjoy the day at home on weekends. When you are having some morning snack with juice after a cozy nap or if you are a coffee geek with a book in hand is a pleasant weekend day with a comfortable soft pillow.  Pillows always attracts kids, adults, moms, and dad after spending a hectic day in office. Side floor pillows remain on a shopping list for all.  Or in case you are an artistic kind of person, you will definitely add value to your room by adding soft, decorative floor pillows to enjoy the comfy rest while reading and having mesmerizing room décor too.

A gorgeous floor pillow is only a major size that can be used for resting, watching TV. They are superb for sitting easily, to talk with buddies or laying on when watching TV or completing a novel. These cushions are available in a different size in contrast with ordinary add-on and they make great relaxing effects with appealing décor in your room.

Brand Name
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JIUCHUANG Solid Square Floor PillowSony DSCW800/B
2 MSM Solid Colour Velvet Pillow Round B07TSJLWDV
Sony DSCW800/B
Lumaland luxury Bean Bag
Sony DSCW800/B
WOWMAX Triangular Wedge Pillow
Sony DSCW800/B
Butterfly Craze Kids Floor PillowSony DSCW800/B
Ultimate Sack Floor Pillow Bean Bag Sack Chairs
Sony DSCW800/B
Fashion North Europe Style Knotted Ball Pillow
Sony DSCW800/B
O Floral Flower Decorative Pillow
Sony DSCW800/B

1. JIUCHUANG Solid Square Floor Pillow


  • Ergonomically designed, relieves backache providing comfortable rest.
  • Solid bright colors, breathable effect, wear-resistant
  • Material: Corduroy Japanese Style Pad Soft Pillow
  • Distinctive design with stitching points saves from distortion
  • An attached strap prevents from slipping on the chair
  • Suitable for children, adults and elderly square floor pillow

Elegant solid exclusive design grabs the attention when it’s all about feeling relaxed at home floor cushion. This solid floor pillow is made of corduroy fabric which gives you a soft silky feel. This pillow is in square shape and a good size of 22*22 inch that could be used easily for yoga, as a Japanese floor pad, kids playing mat, meditation pillow seat and home comfortable pillow sitting.  It is a handy multipurpose product with high-quality tatami cushion.  Super soft Comfortable it’s mid is pp cotton made fabric with a rebound effect. You can place it at any suitable place in the lounge or in a living room. Make sure while washing it you don’t use water more than the temperature of 40 degrees. Do not bleach wash to avoid faint coloring or patches. This floor pillow is good for readers and office work for its stability.

  • Cushioned and soft comfortable floor pillow

  • Easy to wash, lightweight

  • Hand-stitched buckle helps the floor pillow stay on the position

  • Machine wash is applicable but does not dry it using a machine dryer

  • Normal to mid-size floor pillow pier one

  • None

2. MSM Solid Color Velvet Pillow Round Thicken Tatami Floor Seat Cushions

Features 40 x 40 cm

  • Extravagant multiple color velvet Cover
  • Velvet shell and cotton filling
  • Machine washable pillow seat
  • Soft comfortable
  • Durable, classic relaxed

Velvet is always a wonderful attraction and fluffy texture of velvet makes it more soothing. It is easy to manage as it doesn’t get dusty with time due to its shine and it looks new with every wash. The cover is made of velvet. The inner pillow is super soft cotton made. This durable couch pillow is a perfect blend of comfort with room decor. Simple elegant round shape grabs the attention. It could be used on the floor but this is not a very large floor pillow. It is a good buddy for yoga, meditation, and a stress-free sitting position. It is a multipurpose velvet ultra-soft sitting cushion, a good luxury to the yoga room, Therapy centers and also a springy floor seat. The dimensions of this soft seat are the same as mentioned 40 cm diameter and 8 cm height.

  • Super soft and firm

  • Multiple beautiful velvet colors

  • Easy to clean and machine washable

  • Cotton made insert pillow with velvet cover

  • Round shape to get set on couch, sofa, and bed

  • Not a good size as a floor cushion

3. Lumaland luxury Bean Bag


  • Bean big bag floor pillow
  • Microsuede Cover
  • Ultra-soft fluffy sofa cum floor pillow
  • Giant lounger furniture for adults, teens, and kids

It’s a genuine Big Size Sofa Floor Pillow. A soothing lounger to fit a wide range of front rooms, living rooms, and youngsters’ rooms. For extraordinary fun and relaxing in all circumstances.

For enduring comfort, this sack’s inward covers are loaded up with high-class foam material without any plastic parts or scraps. The foam mirrors your body warmth and gives complete chill out with family or friends, watching a movie or having a nap, it never disturbs you.

Its bean shape fuzzy floor pillow for living room. Its compressed packaging will be released after sunlight shower for your bean floor pillow to get back in its stretched position, just like you demand. Handy wash with its zipper cover to wash it and have your sack floor pillow neat and clean again. This is a compact foam chair has a complete fun.

  • Bean shape large floor lounger pillow

  • Available in the more sizes, small, mid-size, large and extra-large sizes

  • Zipper cover to make it convenient for wash

  • Premium micro-sued cover and high-quality foam

  • Durable, snug bean floor pillow, tuck it and get it in its full volume again

  • Easy to sleep on this large or gigantic size pillow

  • Adjustable relaxing composure floor pillow anywhere in the room

  • Big size makes is a bit heavy

  • Takes more space according to size

4. WOW MAX Triangular Wedge Pillow


  • Body positioned wedge pillow
  • Reduces backache body positioned reading pillow
  • An enormous support headboard backrest support cushion
  • Bed Bunk with removable queen velvet grey
  • 100% polyester and velvet outer covering pillow support

Adults and elderly usually spend time on bed with coffee and after a nap, they remain seated on the bed it is a good recommendation for such people. Because of its large size back support pillow gives your back well-arched backing and you can sit for hours when lost in reading books. This stable and durable pillow won’t disturb you. It allows you with its stylish shimmery velvet look to get adjusted easily on the bed. It is multipurpose available in different sizes e.g. queen bed, king size bed, regular beds or kids bumper beds. It’s a perfect alternative for college geeks as they like a pillow perfect for a headboard in their rooms. Handy and easy to wash with its attached buttons to detach cover easily. You can easily utilize the day bed as a love seat when required, on the grounds that pillow support is thick enough and agreeable enough to utilize and feel balanced, not at all like the pads that were stacked. On the off chance that you are wavering about acquiring this pad, you won’t regret it. Those who don’t like loose cushions can go for it.

  • Firm, chick and cozy

  • Velvet, polyester queen size bed back support pillow

  • Multipurpose headstand pillow

  • Easy detachable cover and washable

  • Great quality fabric and sturdy

  • None

5. Butterfly Craze Kids Floor Pillow


  • Portable toddler bed alternative pillow
  • Polyester material and cotton 100%
  • Cover with a zip in the back
  • Love of kids for their soft comfortable pillow approach
  • High-quality pillow insert and fabric

It’s a football pattern cushion floor pillow to use in the kids’ playroom. It can be used in toddler years through young childhood. It is pleasantly surprising for kids. It’s long enough that adults can stretch out on it comfortably. These would be fun for lounging out and playing video games or watching movies. Right now, it’s a soft seating area. Very easy to put pillows inside, and you will be happy with the design and soft fabric material to enhance its properties. Children love laying on this new comfy baseball cover set. The king-size is good enough, perfect for toddlers and 3 to 7 years kids to run and jump on floor pillow for children in the lounge and watch videos. So the next gift of Butterfly Craze Kids Floor Pillow for your home toddler is a nice idea. He or she will love it.

  • Patterned butterfly kids floor cushion bed pillow

  • Soft, safe and stretchable

  • Easy washable with zipping attached cover

  • None

6. Ultimate Sack Floor Pillow Bean Bag Sack Chairs


  • Multiple sizes
  • Bean Bag Sack Chairs
  • Giant foam-filled furniture
  • Machine washable covers
  • Double-stitched seam
  • Durable inner ultimate pillow black suede

Demolished 100% VIRGIN USA FOAM which is An Ultimate Sack Ottomans filled with a 100% virgin shredded, delicate, fresh out of the box new flexible foam mix that is high of quality to give you relief levels you have never experienced for the Ultimate Sack Family Comfort Pillow Sack. Compatible Cosy Outer Covers with Dual Stitched Seams add values for maximum strength & durability for a good life. The adaptability of the Ultimate Sack foam-filled bean bag pillow allows a great alternative to recliners, sofas, and love cushion seats. Whether you are looking for a place to lounge, play games, reading a novel, doing office work, or watch the game, the Ultimate Stack is the answer for a complete environment. The Ultimate Huge Size Sack Bean Bag Chair will undoubtedly prove itself as the “ultimate” product. The bean bag Floor sack weighs about 65-70 pounds. Washable removable cover to get it clean when needed. This pie-molded bit of support is an absurd spot to read, unwind or take a snappy snooze. Because it fits in the corner in the room, it doesn’t mean you cannot take it anywhere else at home, don’t hesitate to haul it out and use it in any place you need it.

  • Sack size bean floor pillow to adjust anywhere

  • Good simple design, comfy for resting, a short nap and reading books

  • Multipurpose different size

  • Refillable when needed

  • Perfect for lounging for all ages

  • Separate outer and inner covers

  • You might find it not loaded with enough filling

7. Fashion North Europe Style Knotted Ball Pillow


  • Handmade
  • Creative knot design
  • Bolster, sofa cushion
  • Hand sewn safe acrylic material used also kids safe
  • Add values to your room decor

If you love adding new stuff to your room and it soothes you after time when getting back to your room you feel cozy with the decor of super sofa pastel colors pillow. It is good for a bed and on the sofa to blend decor with comfort. This soft pastel knot design pillow is made of plush, hand-sewn and washable. You can expect slight variance as it is handmade but you will love it due to its soft shiny color and knot design. You can enjoy reading a book on the bed with your plush bolster pillow.

  • Handmade

  • Pastel color, plush and material

  • Washable

  • Easily adjustable

  • Don’t take too much space

  • Not very big to enjoy it on the floor or as a lounger

  • May get dusty soon if not used with care due to its pastel color

8. O Floral Flower Decorative Pillow


  • Cozy line home fashions lace style circle
  • Flower shapes embroidered print
  • Stuffed toy doll decorative pillow
  • Shell and fill 100% cotton and polyester
  • Warm, soft, lightweight and comfortable
  • Spot clean washable

Another good one stylish decorative flower-shaped mauve pillow. You can rest it on the bed. Not big in size and a good addition to your room. This stylish pillow is well made, the thickness of the quilt is impressive. If you are not only looking for a pillow but a decoration to it’s a duo for you. Do not wash in a washing machine, doing so may cause wear and tear. So be careful to increase the life expectancy of your embroidered flower pillow. It is available in queen size. Fine high-quality stitching gives it more exposure on the bed.

  • Decorative soft color bed, couch pillow

  • A good decoration add on to your room

  • Fine, soft quality to give you good rest effect

  • Spot cleaning applicable

  • Machine wash may cause wear and tear

  • Not too big to rest on a floor pillow


It is not easy to go for the best one as there are a lot of competitive goods and fine quality floor pillows available in the market. Choosing the right pillow is worth spending money for your comfort. Pillows are good to gift your friends and family. Kids also love these comfy, velvety floor pillows for their rest and short day naps. Of course, your pets too can never neglect these soft mat pillows in the room.

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