8 Best Keyboards For Gaming 2019

Best Keyboards For Gaming
(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

Gaming is one of the most attractive and exciting tasks for gamers on the present day. With keyboards becoming common, gaming passion can be able to take its own gaming enterprise at any time.

Before, to get the best gaming keyboard for your needs, check out which types of switches you want to consider. Membrane switches are not good for gaming, so it is ideal to find a mechanical keyboard. And, do not forget about the RGB light.

A computer keyboard has been developed for gamers. A mechanical keyboard is a built with high quality, usually switchable in the spring, key switches.

Keys on a gaming keyboard require less force, which results in a faster action than regular boards. Using these mechanical switches, the maximum gaming keyboards, in which each key pair has its key spring-loaded switch.

best keyboards for gaming

Here we are talking about the best gaming keyboards in the market based on performance and conditions than prices. Gaming laptops have changed a lot in such a short time, and now they are stronger than ever before.

This detailed review is all about mechanical gaming keyboards

Let’s know something about the best gaming keyboards, like which is the best gaming keyboard brands? What are the best gaming keyboard switches? What is the best gaming keyboard to buy? Where to buy gaming keyboard? Few questions come in your mind.

They are developed to provide high audio and tablet feedback. Most of them use “MX” mechanisms using a cherry company (M. X Black, M.M. Brown, M.X. Blue, XX, and so on), provide a specific feeling and sound during typing, with each a bit different design.

How we test gaming keyboards?

We use each keyboard at least one week for testing. During that time, we will look for it easy to use and put it through different types of games. These include MOBAs, FPS, Strategy and RPR titles. We’ll also look at how to customize and set up this software.

gaming keyboards

While evaluating the gaming keyboard, our second area is software. These days, almost every gaming keyboard is entitled to an application that enables you to work in shortcut keys, create game specific profiles and providing many facilities.

8 best keyboards for gaming

If you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard, then you are at the right place. We’ve tested the best gaming keyboard, wired and wireless, so that you can choose the best keyboard for gamers.

1.   Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB MK.2 Low Profile

Key Specifications:

  • Interface: Wired USB
  • Wristest: Detachable
  • Features: Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches, support windows 7+
  • Size:2 × 6.5 × 1.5 inches
  • Programmable keys: yes
  • Backlight: RGB
  • Weight:8 pounds

Overall our best gaming keyboard, the corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 has everything in it which you could want.

You should be very thankful to its discrete keys because of it you can choose from different types of authentic Cherry MX brown mechanical switches, easily control your media and also light your keyboard up with subtle RGB patterns.      Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB MK.2 Low ProfileCherry MX brown keyboard works faster than the other types of switches, and be silent with full height keys to boot. Not only K70 RGB Mk. 2 is playing incredibly well, but also looks beautiful and includes quality parts that can last long terminated.

After Picking up K70 RGB Mk.2 and you will not need another gaming keyboard for a long time.

Pros Cons
ü  Smart, slick physical design

ü  Plenty of extra features

ü  ​ Superb build quality

ü  Versatile utility software.

ü  Wide variety of genuine Cherry switches

Æ      Low-profile wrist rest

Æ      Slightly different feel to full-height keys

Æ      PC only

Æ      No white or green switches


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2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Key Specifications:

  • Interface: Wired USB
  • Wristest: Detachable
  • Features: Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, support window 7+
  • Size: full size
  • Programmable keys: yes
  • Backlight: RGB

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, which is also one of the best gaming keyboards And, we are not talking about fuzzy little rings and sizes like FG RGB – although we are on this subject that it has a huge part of it which integrates 19 zone light bar and 16.8 million colors not to mention, Choices, to boot.Corsair K95 RGB PlatinumIt means that the best cherry red keyboard provides you six dedicated macro keys, 8MB on board storage and aircraft-grade which animated aluminum frames with a lot of Bang. The K95 Platinum is a large keyboard.

Its huge impact still needs a table cleaning before it can be properly used. The best corsair gaming keyboard K95 platinum has a dedicated media control and a USB pass, a metal volume wheel, and RGB lighting. It also packs with an extra set of texture capsules for WASD keys.

We also love its detachable wristrest because it makes things easy for a long gaming session. The company has attached rubber wristpad magnetically in it and also includes two contrasting textures; one smooth side and another rough side.

The switching side is as simple as spreading side, and it brings extra comfort is extraordinary.

In addition, K95 has all the bells and seal features, such as the RGB Rapid Fire, which has been missing for the passport USB port that has disappeared.

This keyboard is actually has 8MB on board storage because of that you can take your profiles without logging in to the cloud software.

Pros Cons
ü  Dedicated media keys

ü  Tons of lighting options

ü  ​ Superb build quality

ü  Extra set of keycaps

ü  Hypnotic disco lighting

Æ      Very Expensive.

Æ      No audio jack.

Æ      Large footprint

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Key Specifications:

  • Switches: flaretech switches in clicky, linear and heavy weight
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Size:6 × 6.3 × 1.6 inches
  • Type: tenkeyless keyword
  • Backlight: RGB

This is available in linear, clicky or heavy weight linear, the voltage One’s analog switches allows you to set up your own work point. They also assign different functions to the same key that depending on how hard your press it down.

Voltage also provides one of the attractive per key RGB lights and powerful software suite which makes you to create profile for each game that you want to play. It is a lightweight keyboard which is easy to carry in your bag.


This Wooting one is currently opposite of any other gaming keyboard. Don’t miss key RGB LED per aluminum; their keycaps are some of the most innovative mechanical switches in the market. Flaretech optical switches allows you for complete invoices input and, when you use them, they can make a huge difference to your mouse and keyboard PC gaming.

Pros Cons
ü  Tough and reliable

ü  Great support

ü  Unique analog switches  

ü  Removable USB cable

Æ      Very Expensive.

Æ      Not dust resistant

Æ      Analogue doesn’t work in every game

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Key Specifications:

  • Interface: Wired USB
  • Features: Romer-G tactile or linear switches, memory foam palmrest, aluminum alloy construction
  • Size: full size
  • Programmable keys: yes
  • Backlight: RGB

The real strength of LOGITECH G513 is its design. All switch’s option are comfortable and mainly unusual from cherry or other alternatives. The aircraft grade is made to aluminum alloys, and key RGB brushes on your board.

LOGITECH G513 RGBIf you want backlighting on your board then you can get it according to your choice. G513 is a smart and attractive package. The best gaming keyboard Logitech G513 is only good for gaming. It is not good choice for typing.

The Best Logitech mechanical keyboard has become one of the biggest names because of its modern keyboard. Its construction is strong, smart and highly responsive, which are the key features for a high-end gaming system.

Pros Cons
ü  Slick design

ü  Individually RGB backlit keys

ü  Superior key switches

ü  Comfortable and quiet for typing and gaming.

Æ      No media keys

Æ      Software takes patience to learn

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5. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

Key Specifications:

  • Interface: USB
  • Wristrest: detachable
  • Size: full size
  • Programmable keys: yes
  • Backlight: red

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB is a set of lightweight effects with lamp MX red mechanical keys, a large group of media buttons and six animated light effects (including an 18 LED light bar for download). In our view, this is one of the best gaming keyboards of 2019.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGBHyperX Alloy Elite RGB is equipped with dedicated media control, USB, a detachable wristrest, and RGB backlighting.

To adopt its aesthetics, it also includes an extra set of silver capsules for WASD and the first four-digit keys. The board supports full N-key rollover that means you do not need to worry about the key press to register.

Pros Cons
ü  Great feature set

ü  Excellent range of Cherry MX switches

ü  Full set of media keys

ü  Comfortable and quiet for typing and gaming.

Æ      No dedicated macro keys

Æ      Software needs improvement

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 6. SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL

Key Specifications:

  • Interface: Wired USB
  • Wristest: Detachable
  • Features: linear QX2 mechanical switches, support windows 7+ and OSX 10.8+
  • Programmable keys: yes
  • Backlight: RGB

The SteelSeries Apex M750 is the thinnest version of full body M750, with the help of numpad trimmed off the edge to maximize the desk space for mousepads or other office accoutrement.

You can easily carry it in your lap for slow browsing. Although, it is designed for eSports experts, It is also a high-performance keyboard with a beautiful design and very slow-speed proprietary switch.

SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL

M750 is also boasting a package of the most instinctual, but most robust pack-in software obtainable. In addition, the standard steel series engine comes with a programmable lighting app known as Image Sync which allows special lighting suits for the effects of light and reaction typing as well as games like CSS.

Pros s Cons
ü  Very fast switches

ü  Excellent backlighting and function customization options.

ü  Mac and PC compatible

ü  Slim, durable, and beautiful

Æ      No dedicated media keys

Æ    No adjustable feet.

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7.   Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

Key Specifications:

  • Interface: Wired
  • Programmable keys: yes
  • Backlight: RGB

This is the Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo is the most elegant keyboards in the market. This keyboard is astonishing to see, with a valuable high-key design.

The Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo is only gaming keyboard which has keycaps over the top of the keys, whether you are writing documents every day. This keyboard only proves that there is no mechanical keyboard.

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

It is also a great mechanical keyboard. Its switches are not exactly same as a Cherry MX, but the difference is that the other features of the Vulcan 120 may not be much different than any light problem. Roccat Vulcan 100 Aimo is only available in USA.

Pros Cons
ü  Unique

ü  Per-key RGB lighting, plus zone-based lighting.

ü  Incredible build quality

ü  Stunning AIMO lighting Dedicated media keys and volume dial

Æ      Low-profile wrist rest

Æ    No dedicated macro keys.

Æ    No USB or audio pass-through

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8. Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Key Specifications:

  • Switch: Cherry MX Red
  • Wristrest: detachable
  • Backlight: blue

Do you want to get a best wireless gaming keyboard?  The CORSAIR K63 gaming keyboard is best for you. This model also has the most animated multi-colored RGB back light in which you can easily manage.

Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

This time-consuming keyboard has a Cherry MX Red Switches, 8MB Storage Ship, Dynamic RGB Lighting, Gaming Keys and many more.

This keyboard has a USB connection which makes it different from other wireless keyboards. When it is in wireless mode, it provides you 15 hours of non-stop use. If you want to get something special then your choice should be K63 wireless gaming keyboard.

ORSAIR K63 is one of the safest wireless keyboards. The point is that it comes with 128 bit EES wireless encryption for protecting each of your keystroke and keeping your data safe.

Pros Cons
ü  Cherry MX Red Switches

ü  compact design

ü  solid construction

ü  no. of media controls

ü  great for gaming

ü  2.4GHz or Bluetooth technology

Æ      No RGB illumination

Æ      short battery life

Æ      single-color backlit

Æ    expensive

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