Top 6 Best LED Lights for videos and photography

Best LED Lights
(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

“Light-Emitting Diode” is known as LED.   The LED is an electronic device that comes out of light when the current source of electricity passes. The first LED has created red light only, but advanced LEDs are include many colors such as green, blue, and red lights. The advanced development in LED technology is also possible to generate white light as well.

What benefits do LEDs have?

  • LEDs are small, solid light bulbs that are powerful, energy efficient and long lasting.
  • LED work from traditional incandescent bulbs in different ways.
  • LED Lighting has powerful design features
  • LED lighting is very friendly
  • LED power supply can run on low-voltage

This detailed review is all about Best LED Lights for video

Let’s know something about LED lights for video, like which is the best LED light for videos? Which is the best LED light for photography? What is the best LED light to buy? Few questions come in your mind.

LED Lights for videos and photography

The biggest reasons for choosing LEDs because, LEDs create a little heat, it does not matter how long they are in use. LED reduces electricity costs and allows you to adjust the light without burning.

Best affordable LED lights also have a high color rendering index, meaning that the subjects are highlighted with natural sunlight and the colors are correctly displayed on the screen, compared to shining bulbs everything is made of heat or bright, making them slightly hot or bright.

There are many variables in choosing the best light to use for your next project. Color temperature, color rating, light type and power options are most important that which light will be used. Light condition, durability and price point will need to be considered.

First of all, we will highlight your favorite light for different types of applications. After that, we’ll look closely at the key aspects to better understand how to choose the light or light kit for your next output.

LED Lights on Camera is essential for filmmaking and photography. During taking a picture, you cannot trust on sunlight each time. So, the On-camera LED light is a lightweight device that you can easily use during your work.

Some days when the sun does not provide enough light; therefore, you only depend on the camera’s extra LED light. Here’s the list of top led lights for video.  

Top 6 Best LED Lights for Video, Photography & YouTube

The light is most important factor when professionally comes with video content, whether you are making a documentary, feature film or YouTube video.

1.     Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-color 480 LED Video Light

Key Specifications:

  • Color temperature: 3200-5600K
  • Dimensions: 16 × 6.7inches
  • Warranty: one year
  • 8 inches light stand for YouTube photography.
  • LED Panel with U bracket

The first on my list is the best LED light for photography. This 2 light kit has in its heart, with a dimmable colorful color light with 240 white and 240 yellow LED bulbs.

On this kit the LED lights are varied between 3200K and 5600K color temperature. The standard color temperature of the indoor long lights is considered at 3200K and 5600K standard color temperature daylight.

Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-color 480 LED Video Light                   

Neewer Dimmable Bio-Color comes with the trials of the 480 Bi-flex panels that get amazingly bright that each has at least 500 diodes. These stand-by lights are quite stable to support, but it’s still smart to reduce weight with sandbags.

This unit is built with U-shaped bracket mount that, in turn, mount directly to the equipped light stands. As a light source, they can recharge with rechargeable batteries or AC socket with direct power adapter.

The batteries are not included in Neewer led light, so you’ll need to have the price factor if you have to take advantage of flexible battery power. If you choose batteries, they are Sony-style lithium-ion recharge battery packs.

These are the same current batteries that are used in the use of existing current and old Sony cameras that are relatively cheap. Two different batteries packs are available, small packs charge for approximately 50 minutes, and large battery packs with only less than 90 minutes charge.

Pros Cons
ü  Energy proficient

ü  Cases for each unit

ü  Adjustable

ü  Compact

ü  Quick & easy setup

×        Lower wattage

×        Can’t be tilted downwards

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2.     Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light

Key Specifications:

  • Color temperature: 3150-6300K
  • Dimensions: 150 × 45mm
  • Weight: 1293g
  • Max power: 6×AA batteries, D-Tap port, AC adapter

A camera light is the most versatile light source in the videographer’s arms. It’s portable, works as any key or support light, and can double as flash. Its predecessor is better than the output and comes with a host of light options.

Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light

This light is best if you are looking for a light source to make your Vlog or music video. It is the best led light for dslr video. Rotolight NEO is specific to its round shape looks like football and when it can be used gives us great feelings. This light is a versatile that offers two colors, Bi Camera LED lights, which save 50 degree beam angle. It applies a form of 120 LEDs, which generates total output of 377 at 1077 luxury. The light is easily powered by 6 AA batteries.

Pros Cons
ü  Simple but powerful controls

ü  Customizable effects

ü  Versatile

ü  Runs off of multiple power sources

×        Not cheap

×        Optional battery useful but costly

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3.     Nanguang CNLUX1600C on-camera LED Video lights

Key Specifications:

  • Color temperature: 5600-3200K
  • Dimensions: 141 × 95 × 40mm
  • Weight: 175g
  • Max power: 6×AA batteries, L-Tap li-ion, AC adapter

Next in the list of best on-camera LED lights come from Nanguang. It is considered to be the best because many people have tried it and considered the best. One of the features is focusing on the point of view that makes it one of the special and it’s kind of lightweight lightning.

Nanguang CNLUX1600C on-camera LED Video lights

The best led lights for video shooting is incredible to take photographs and videos and then there is a perfect fix if there is a vlogging in your mind. Give us an opportunity to understand its key features and specifications. It is Professional photograph/video lighting with keen LCD show screen.

NanGuang CNLUX1600C is a lightweight head on a camera that fits the camera’s shoe and its bright color temperature control 5600K-3200K and offers a powerful maximum of 1,600 luxury classification.

It is good enough for maximum use of digital image and video cameras and uses huge efficiency, little energy LEDs. The powerful led lights for video is compact, light unit battery power, and can be turned off as well as other units of CNLUX1600C to make multiple light banks.

Pros Cons
ü  Fully adjustable

ü  Inexpensive

ü  Very powerful

ü  High maximum output

ü  Fiddly controls

×        No low battery shut-off

×        A bit heavier than most other LED lights


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4.     Lume Cube

Key Specifications:

  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • Dimensions: 102 × 102 × 165mm
  • Weight: 322g
  • Max power: lithium-ion battery

Lume Cube AIR is one of the best, extremely portable light sources that you can easily store in your pocket and use anywhere. This is the best partner in the action camera because you only need smooth or magnetic level to use it.

The led video lights for photography holds some boundaries, but if you do not fit traditional lights in places or want to always work with a reliable light source, Cube Air is a great investment.

Lume Cube AIR is a breeze for light and use. It has only 2 ounces weight and a 2.6 inch diameter. It is also a waterproof in the depth of 10 feet. Its square shape is allowed at any level of the Lume Cube Air.

Lume Cube

Other mounting options include a theme for use with magnet and light. Although not much room for control, though with just 10 buttons to change light and cycle through 10 brightness settings.

Fortunately, you can easily controlled Lume Cubes wirelessly through your smartphone. Somehow the way some rechargeable has been crammed within the battery, the two-hour runtime gives 50% brightness.

Light output is referred to only 150 lux, but it is from three meters. We enter a distance of 580 lux respectively for a specific meter. One of the best features of the light is remote control through the smartphone.

It is connected to the Lume-X app via Bluetooth and allows you to adjust the brightness and pattern. Lume Cube Air can also work as a flash, strobe, or continuously shines in two patterns.

The app is the only source for checking at the battery level because Cube Air is not a ship indicator. A full charge remains for an hour of continuous use on maximum brightness, but you can hook the light up to a power by USB if you need to run for a long time.

Pros Cons
ü  Great brightness for its size

ü  Easily transported and placed anywhere

ü  Sturdy and waterproof build

ü  Multiple cubes can be controlled and synced through smartphone

×        Low CRI

×        Can’t be turned on and off through app

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5.     TOLIFO Photo Studio 176 LED Ultra Bright Dimmable On Camera Video Light

Key Specifications:

  • Color temperature: 3200-5600K
  • Max power: 11W

TOLIFO Photo Studio 176 is high quality and cost-effective LED light. It is extremely bright. It is the best portable lighting kit for photography. This video camera lighting kit provides us with a wide range of light. It is one of the better options if you are just looking for lightweight daylight LED light that is easy to use only.

TOLIFO Photo Studio 176 LED Ultra Bright Dimmable On Camera Video Light

Behind the light, there is an LCD screen which is 10 and 99, which allows you to set the button to increase the light intensity. It also has an external power option and can be charged with a standard 12 watt power connector.

Pros Cons
ü  Excellent battery life

ü  Best for vlogging and basic photography

ü  Dimmable

ü  176 highlight LED bulb

×        No method to check the battery level

×        No color temperature adjustment

×        You have to buy extra battery for battery replacement

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6.     GIGALUMIW228 Video Light

Key Specifications:

  • Color temperature: 6000-3200K

The GIGALUMI W228 228 consists of small LED chips that work well around the objects. This is the best travel video light. The led panel lights for video are very small and lightweight. It also includes a professional LED driving chip for maximum illumination and expansion.

GIGALUMIW228 Video Light

Operating is very easy. To turn it off, use the switch to adjust different color temperature and slide two small dial dimensions. The GIGALUMI W228 also comes with 90 degree adjustment holder to provide light from different angles. This led photography lighting kit includes 2 Sony NP 550 batteries and one battery charger.

Pros Cons
ü  Strong construction quality

ü  Compact and lightweight

ü  0-100% dimmable

ü  Includes 2 batteries

×        Batteries require some improvement

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Why we use an LED light for video and photography?

The advantage of the LED light panel is that it provides constant light. With a standard flashlight, you can get a little bit of light, but sometimes you need constant light – especially if you’re shooting the video.

The second advantage of using LED light panel for video and photography is that it offers many panels that have bi-color options. It means that there is a mixture of hot and cool LEDs and that you can usually adjust the color temperature of your choice via a controller wheel. Other color LED panels are expensive, but if you can increase your budget, do so. They are extremely versatile.

Your LED light panel will have a dimmer control to adjust your brightness normally in general. Many new generation of led photography lights come with built-in Bluetooth functionality, which allows you to remove your lighting. LED light panels are usually powered by AA or rechargeable Batteries.

Maximum LED light panel also allows you to adjust the angle of the beam by converting head 40 to 60 degrees. You can also purchase a colored gel to ride on your panels for different effects.

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