Best Smart Door Locks 2019

Best Smart Door Locks
(Last Updated On: August 29, 2019)

            Best Smart Door Locks 2019

A smart lock is arguably the most important part of a truly smart and connected home. Smart locks have some benefits over ancient locks: you’ll management them remotely from your smartphone, issue temporary passes to friends, and see when—and who—uses your door.

You’ll additionally connect them to different sensible home devices, like security cameras and video doorbells, in order that you’ll unlock your door for a guest, whether or not you are not reception.

A digital smart lock is an automatic device lock that is intended to perform protection and unlocking operations on a door once it receives such directions from a licensed device employing a wireless protocol and a scientific discipline key to execute the authorization method.

Digital smart lock


A good lock is arguably the foremost necessary a part of a very smart, connected home. Not solely can it enable you to come back and go as you please, it’ll conjointly monitor WHO is coming into and exploit your home whereas you are away. Some models merely allow you to use your phone to open and shut doors. Some allow you to assign special privileges to friends, members of the family, or staff. Others may be activated victimization voice commands or triggers from alternative good home devices and services. Here are the best smart locks for home.

How We Test Smart Locks

To gauge the effectiveness of all the locks, we tend to time however long it takes to put in every on a door and the way straightforward the directions are to follow. We tend to then measure them on their options, together with security (alarms, tamper-resistance), the amount of codes you’ll be able to program into every, and sensible home compatibility.


        10 Best Smart Door Locks of 2019


August Smart Lock

With August Smart Lock your phone is know your key. So you can securely lock or unlock the door. Create virtual temporary keys for family and friends. Or even set the august to auto unblock so August knows when you arrive using Bluetooth and when you leave August smart locks door behind you like to your own personal doorman.

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August Smart Lock


August Pro 3rd Generation

August Pro 3rd Generation turns your Apple and Android smartphone or tablet into the only key you’ll ever need to unlock the door of your home, office and shop. The unit can be installed by a professional DIY enthusiast. It’s equipped with a battery backup for power outages. It’s easy to both grant and rescind access. But its handshake can be slow.

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Ausgust Pro 3rd Generation smart door lock



Prisma M107

There is no risk of lost keys or a stolen phone enabling someone to get into to your home or business. The lock requires both a password and the fingerprint of a recognized user before it will open the vault. It can store up to 100 biometric IDs and multiple failed attempts tripping alone. However it requires both double-a and 9 volt batteries. This is the best smart lock. The Prisma M107 called as biometric door lock.

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 Prisma M107 smart door lock


Samsung Ezon SHS-3321

Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 is stylish, award-winning door locks to improve the look of your entrance. Smart lock Samsung features to make your life more easy and secure. Samsung smart locks although new to Canada. Millions are installed around the world. They come with a two year warranty, long battery life and are designed for Canadian weather. Security features include the ability to reset easily reset the code to allow entry for guests, dog walkers or contractors.  Buy


A random security code feature that ensures the fingerprints doesn’t show a pattern of your code. The Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 and 3320 deadbolt locks are available with a physical key or without. They’re easy to use for all family members. They’re easy to install and they’re great for homeowners and commercial buildings. It can be used with a key fob. They’re perfect for new homes or to upgrade your current door lock. Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 it works with most standard doors and comes with a responsive touchpad. However its weak motor sometimes fails to bolt.

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Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 smart lock



Master Lock Bluetooth

The boron carbide shackle and anti shim locking system of the Master Lock Bluetooth make it one of the most durable electric padlocks on the market. You can also share temporary or permanent access with other smartphones easily. Bluetooth door lock is suitable for Android and IOS. Features military grade encryption but its rubber casing degrades quickly. This is the best smart lock for Android.

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Master Lock Bluetooth door lock


Kwikset kevo touch-to-open Smart Lock

Kwikset kevo touch-to-open Smart Lock is more responsive than its predecessor. Kwikset kevo touch-to-open Smart Lock you can choose to stick with the same key style. You can use its keyless Bluetooth function and tap your pad phone or tablet against the vault to gain entry. Its installation is very easy and tracks the history of who passes through.

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Kwikset kevo touch-to-open Smart Lock


Kwikset Smart code 916

This is a smart gate lock. Kwikset Smartcode 916 is a touchscreen electronic door locks. It’s sleek and elegantly designed secure innovative lock. kwikset smart lock provide many features and benefits that outshine the competition. This is a smart lock with camera. The capacitive touchscreen is ultra-responsive reacting instantly to touch illuminated at night by LED. It’s just as visible during the day. It’s including a lifetime mechanical warranty.

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                  Kwikset Smart code 916 smart door lock


Yale Assure Lock

It’s a keyless touchscreen deadbolt lock. Yale Smart Lock is easy to install and can be controlled remotely. Yale Assure touchscreen offers superior protection with up to 250 unique programmable pass codes that will ensure you and your family all have backups in case you forget your numbers. The setup is available through voice assistance in three different languages. This one’s Amazon key is compatible and no hard wiring is needed. It comes with one-year warranty.

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 Yale Assure Lock smart door lock


Schlage Connect Camelot lock

Schlage Connect Camelot lock can be easily integrated into an automated home or commercial security system with its z-wave technology. Once it’s setup you can control it from a remote location with a smartphone or a computer. Schlage Smart Lock meets the ANSI grade-1 security standard. It has a great battery life and fingerprint resistant touchscreen.  

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             Schlage Connect Camelot smart lock       


Aardwolf A20

This is a smart door lock. This is not waterproof so it’s best used indoors whether in the home or for offices that have sensitive information. You can program access codes with a one-time use which is ideal for visitors or people who only need to enter temporarily. Its data can be copied over and the pass codes are over 8 digits long. It is easy to reset when the code fails. This is the best smart lock.

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              Aardwolf A20 smart door lock

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