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(Last Updated On: August 29, 2019)

                 Best Tactical pens

Tactical pens became very in style over previous years. They’re simply hidden, you’ll be able to take them through security on airplanes, stadiums and alternative restricted access areas, however sensible are they really?

Our lives will be terribly unpredictable typically. Something will happen: an automotive crash or someone World Health Organization is harassing you. It’d be an honest issue to own one thing, some object that would be used for alternative purpose however which might work as a weapon also. This can be why you have got to find out a way to use a tactical pen.

Tactical pen


A plan of action pen could be a deadly survival weapon within the right set of hands. These pens typically feature heavy duty machine, metal construction are outfitted with pressurized ink cartridges and fit comfortably in your pocket or on your belt. Within the wrong set of hands, it is a harmless writing implement.

However, if you wish to hold a “less-than-lethal” self-protection weapon, you cannot do far better than a plan of action Pen. It’s hiding a weapon in plain sight. Buy B007HJJVY8

What makes them self-protection weapons?  A number of the plan of action pens have sharp points that are hidden in their tip. Others weigh far more than a straightforward pen because of the very fact that they’re created out of high-grade steel and that they guarantee a really sturdy strike.

How to Use A Tactical Pen


The self-defense pens were created for those that don’t wish to use a gun for protection and want to possess some helpful issue that may probably become a weapon. They’re exhausting to note and few see them as a dangerous tool. You will be additionally carrying an aerosol container; however, you ought to watch out that your assaulter doesn’t get his hands thereon because it could hurt you rather than him.

Self defence pen

Tactical pens have one nice quality: they are doing not seem as weapons to people. The person UN agency is aggressive to might hardly notice that you just may shield yourself. This can be however you get a bonus from the part of the surprise.


          Best self-defense pens


Smith & Wesson SWPEN 3G


The Smith and Wesson self-defense pens may be an excellent alternative for people who believe heavily on a smartphone or pill throughout the day due to its screw cap protected inbuilt stylus.

It has a stylus tip at the end of its screw on the cap. So it’s perfect whether you’re using a tablet or a pad of paper. It’s the opposite end threaded to prevent lid loss or to give you fast interchangeable writing options.

It’s available in different colors. However, the stylus robs of a tactical point and the rubber coating wears away quickly.   


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 Smith & Wesson SWPEN 3G pens                            



Columbia River Knives and Tools Williams

This pen is designed for self-defense. Columbia River Knives and Tools Williams have a tapered body for a more comfortable grip. So you can use the pen for writing. However, its sleek finish could make it difficult to hold on. It becomes coated with blood or sweet during the tussle.

The CRKT tactical pen does not appear as a weapon and includes a flat finish for your thumb on the cap however that cap will get wobbly.

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CRKT tactical pen

Spinnaker Defender

It is built with an extended clip along its body making. It easy to snap into a place in a pocket or on a backpack the whole clip is one piece of steel as well so you don’t have to worry about it breaking off in that pocket or in a goon skull. It is also a self defence pen. It comes with a high quality glass breaker and easy on the fingers while writing. However it doesn’t come with an instruction.

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Spinnaker Defender pen

2cl Direct

 It has a glass breaker a torch and a multi-tool during a sleek atomic number 13 package it’s rust resistant moreover. It comes with spare ink associated batteries and an imposingly bright light-weight. It rides smoothly crisply. It is a flashlight pen.

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2cl Direct Pen

Gerber Impromptu

Gerber Impromptu is a machine. Its machine steel body is among the most durable in its class. And its push-button retraction makes it fast and easy to use in the field. It’s equipped with a carbide glass-breaking tip and a fluted cutout design in the handle. Gerber tactical pen has a nice solid heft in the hand.

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 Gerber Impromptu pen

Cold Steel Pocket Shark

Not quite a pen by traditional standards, the Cold Steel Pocket Shark is military science however. It’s a permanent marker with a black grivory construction and walls that are fourfold thicker than typical markers, giving it a bigger impact in self-defense things likewise because the military science charm we’re trying to find in an exceedingly pen.

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Cold Steel Pocket Shark pen

Mil-Tac Tactical Defense Pen

The Mil-Tac plan of action Defense Pen was designed specifically for military and enforcement personnel however is out there to anyone trying to find a multifunctional pen to satisfy their everyday carry desires.

Crafted from rugged craft grade metal with a chrome steel pocket clip, the Mil-tac plan of action Pen is pointed on one finish and blunt on the opposite, each meant to perform self-defense duties, and might even be used as a stylus.

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Mil-Tac Tactical Defense Pen



UZI Defender Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker

These are refillable with standard and fisher space pen refills. Uzi tactical pen look like a real ballpoint pen with an ultra-durable carbide glass breaker tip. The pen provides a smooth writing experience with a ballpoint tip on one end and a carbide tip glass breaker on the other end.

This ballpoint pen becomes a tactical and strategic tool in case of emergency or self-defense also. You can use the pocket clip to keep the tactical pen by your side at all times. These pens are both stylish and able to withstand any conditions.

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UZI Defender Tactical Pen


Under control tactical pen


Under control tactical pen a multi-function and is the ideal size at just 6.5 inches long. It includes a super bright white LED flashlight and integrated a glass breaker a sharp and jagged end cap for self-defense. It is built to the highest military and police grade. It also includes two super extended lasting lithium batteries for months of hands free operation.

The pen features a handy belt clip for easy access and it has good weight and the high clip bright white LED flashlight can be turn ON or OFF by just twisting the top ring.  It is the best tactical pen with flashlight.

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Under control tactical pen


Atomic Bear

 You won’t have to hold up a bank to afford this option from atomic bear but you could possibly stop a robbery with it. It manages to be both lightweight dense. So you can certainly generate some force behind your swings, if the situation requires it. Its clip keeps it in place well and it ships with free belt pouch. Online training videos are also available.

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 Atomic Bear Pen                            


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