Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews And Buyers Guide

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2020)

Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon Air CompressorAre you searching for an air compressor with a larger tank capacity, we’ll! Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon Air Compressor is one you shouldn’t let go without checking upon. It has a sleek and stylish navy blue body with an outclass and upgraded finish. It seems like it is dynamic and vibrant at the performance, which it is—giving the user up to 150 PSI at any point of need. Moving this air compressor would not be easy if it does not have those edgy wheels which help them to move without a hustle. It has back wheels for pavement and front stabilizers as well.  Weeks and stabilizers make sure that the air compressor is easy to move and work with.

It is equipped with 1.3H motor. This /3H motor enables projects which are indoor, domestic, or DIY that you are up to enthusiastically. This can be an excellent buy for people who love creating new and innovative things or are up to creative projects. This is undoubtedly not a disappointment at all. Campbell Hausfeld 20 gallon Air compressor is not just oil-free, and you will admire it as it is also sturdy along with a dynamic performance altogether.

The most amazing and useful feature is that the Campbell Hausfeld 20 gallon air compressor possesses an installed read panel, so you always have an eye on the readings. It also has a sturdy and durable handle that helps to lift the air compressor and move it from one point to another. It is easy to use and is sturdy in its built. Besides, it’s powerful and gigantic performance; it does not need high maintenance or replacing parts regularly. It’s bought, and this investment is not going to bother you in a longer race. It has been designed to last long and work hard to gain the ultimate results.

Along with its durable exterior, it comes along with a tool kit you might require during the competition of a project you are up to. It includes a 25-foot long hose along with 17 other tools to complete a taste with ultimate perfection and classic finish while keeping the safety of the user a priority.

It also had a 3 in 1 inflation gun, so that has the exact size of the novel you need to perform duty along with gauge and gauge. Purchasing Cambell Hausfeld 20 gallon air compressor can surely be an excellent idea. As it will assists you in the real deal in DIY jobs, interior and exterior site, etc. You will surely not be disappointed in this air compressor like us. Now, let’s dive into its features.

Key features:

    • First comes to the dimensions of the air compressor, and it has 31.5 x 14.9 x 30.3 inches of it.
    • Its weight is 92 pounds exactly.
    • Talking about the tank capacity, it is 20 gallons.
    • When we talk of the power source, it is powered by corded-electric.
    • It required around 120 volts
    • It is capable of delivering 10.3 bar of pressure.
    • It measures in the metric system
    • It had 150 PSI available at it max
    • It runs on the marvel horsepower of 1.3HP
    • It consists of a horizontal tank
    • It comes along with a 25-foot hose.
    • It comes with a standard pack of accessories
    • It has a 3 in 1 inflation gun
    • It includes chick and gauge also.


  • The most fantastic part of the Campbell Hausfeld 20 gallon air compressor is that it is easy to use, and each accessory of it that comes along does not need high maintenance. It works wonders, and it’s undoubtedly a consistent player.

  • It has a larger tank capacity of about 20 gallons that attracts the buyers who are looking for an air compressor with a bigger tank capacity, which helps them turn down the tasks, and that is highly demanding comparison with other compressors.

  • The long hose enables one to cover the complicated nooks and corners with great ease and perfection, and ideal pressure demanded without any damage.

  • This air compressor helps you avoid unwanted scratches on the exterior of your car or any other surface that you probably are working on.

  • This is truly a low maintenance air compressor, so it does not require service in the first place, and if it needs, it is not that cost and time demanding at all. It is sturdy, durable, and extremely reliable.

  • There are air compressors in the market that currently have a more excellent HP value, and this is one of them. It is a personal opinion, although as you would be closing in terms of an air compressor. You might need a higher HP or maybe not depending upon the genera of the tasks that you are about to perform.

  • There might be a problem for some people to handle the gadget as it has a horizontal tank, and the shape is a little different from the rest of the air compressors. Some might feel difficult to handle this as it might trip over while gripping. Along with that, there might be a problem while working in smaller, more complex spaces with a horizontal tank.

For Whom Campbell Hausfeld 20 gallon air compressor is Suitable For?

The Campbell Hausfeld 20 gallon air compressor is suitable for the users who want to have a dynamic and robust hold on the gadget and the task to be done. It can be a perfect fit to stay in the garages and workshops etc. It is a hardworking yet deficient maintenance device. One does not need to invest a lot of time and money for its service and to make sure that the air compressor is keeping up the performance. It is ideal for DIY projects, people who want an air compressor on daily use, or who need it to satisfy their hobbies. It also has some safety features to avoid any inconvenience and situation and do keep safety a priority at all cost.


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