DVDO Air 3C Wireless HDMI Kit Review of 2021

DVDO Air 3C Wireless HDMI Kit
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2021)

The Wireless HDMI technologies are still comparatively young, but we have seen such a lot of projectors with built-in wireless receivers at amazingly low costs.

On the other hand, the DVDO AIR3C is the first third-party wireless HDMI manufactured goods that promises to send a full 1080p signal to your projector or TV at a space of 30 feet. AIR3C is sturdily built products that will appeal to self-employed gatherings and any person who wishes to avoid running long HDMI cables through their walls.

DVDO AIR3C Transmitter And Receiver

The DVDO AIR3C transmitter and receiver system are as easy as it gets. The wire has an HDMI input, and the receiver has an HDMI output. Hence there is very little to tinker with. No remote control. Not even the power button. Once you’ve plugged everything in, you don’t have to do anything else. Air Wireless products are base on Wireless HD quality, which goes on 60GHz bands and permits for 1080p / 60 video and up to eight-channel high-resolution audio. The 60 GHz band is not as full as the 2.4- and 5 GHz wireless bands, which decrease potential interference.

Wireless HD claims to have “near-zero” lag time, making it suitable for gaming applications. Wireless HD is a one-room solution, meaning it’s not built to transmit signals through walls, all-around your home. Instead, it is preferably suited to send messages to a room – for example, from your source device or AV receiver to your projector or TV.The Air3C-Pro package consists of a transmitter unit (DVDOG3T-PR) and receiver unit (DVDOG3R-PRO), each of which measures approximately 4 4 x 3.5 x 1 inch and weighs five ounces. The transmitter unit has an HDMI 1.4 input and a USB port, although the receiver has an HDMI 1.4 output and a USB power port. These units drop the MHL support found in Air 3C, but both the transmitter and the receiver unit can run through USB.

So if your AV gear is working on USB ports, No need for a power outlet. I was able to power these devices directly from the Epson and BenQ projectors, the Samsung UHDTV, a Harman / Card receiver, and the Dish Hopper DVD. The DVDO Air 3C-Pro Kit comes with two HDMI cables, AC power plugs, and wall/ceiling counts for mounting small units around the gear or gear itself.

Why people choose DVDO Wireless HDMI Adaptor?

If you have HD television on your wall, you perhaps do not want to insert an HDMI cable from your home theatre receiver. The DVDO Air 3C wireless HDMI adapter connects wirelessly to the DVDO that will allow you to do all of this.

  • Pictures don’t look compressed at all

  • Transmissions are ‘bulletproof.

  • Ships with mounting brackets for the receiver

  • Reasonably priced.

  • Low interference

  • Long Distance

  • Easy to use

  • Sporadic white ‘sparkles’

  • Occasional HDMI handshake issues

  • Occasional unexplained dropouts

Bottom line

If you are looking for a wireless HDMI transmitter, this is best for you. You can broadcast your HDMI through the air with no interest and prolonged behavior. If you are experiencing severe installation conditions, I recommend that you consider the DVDO Air3C Wireless HDMI kit.




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