8 Best Wasp Spray in 2021

Best Wasp Sprays
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2021)

Have you ever experienced Bee sting? Do you remember the sharp pain, which left you in tears?  Well, wasp stings are just as painful as their ability to sting several times before they die. On the contrary, the bees hit the rod only once, and they die.  He is one of those things that you should fear, and that is why people are always looking for the best wasp killing spray.

If you see a beehive near your home, it will be dangerous for you, which you should end soon. So you will have to choose the best wasp spray. In this article, we will tell you how to hit the hooks on your own, select the maximum heat spray, and whether the heat can be killed by extreme freezing. We have chosen the best spray of 4 candies and dust so that there is no chance for the bees to survive!

There is a vast quantity of wasp’s sprays available in the market, and it is too challenging to select the best one. There is a slight variation of aggression in each species, but yellow jackets are the most aggressive. You may have seen their shelters, fields, trees, on the buildings, and underground. Did you find the location of their nests? If you do not, the location of the nest depends on the location of the cannon.

The best and easiest way to solve the problem is to buy good quality wasps spray. You will not have to approach the nest.  The back spray keeps you at a distance and saves you from any obscenity.


Brand NameProduct ImageView on Amazon
Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer SpraySony DSCW800/B
SpectracidePRO Wasp& Hornet Killer Sony DSCW800/B
Black Flag Foaming Wasp & Hornet Killer Aerosol SpraySony DSCW800/B
Pt Wasp Freeze II AerosolSony DSCW800/B
Ortho Hornet and Wasp KillerSony DSCW800/B
Spectracide Carpenter Bee & Ground-Nesting Yellowjacket KillerSony DSCW800/B
RC 14010CS Wasp and Hornet Killer PlusSony DSCW800/B
Hot Shot Wasp and Hornet Killer 14 Ounces, AerosolSony DSCW800/B


1.  Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer Spray

Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer Spray

The raid is a 14-ounce hurricane and cane killer that also targets other insects such as ants, mudflats, flies, and all kinds of herbs. It is designed to kill them immediately, including the larvae and pupae that are in their shelters. Besides, it leaves a remnant that is more active in the net or destruction that dares to return to its nest.

Although raid is a wasp killer, it is not best for indoor use. So you may need the services of an outside specialist to deal with household waste. However, raids on sheep nests indoors can be a surprise, even if they are in high-rise nests, raids can spray up to 22 feet and still kill insects on contacts, and no heat is alive.

Raid wasp sprays are the best product for various insects and their larvae, making it a multipurpose insect killer. Furthermore, Raid is a trusted and well-known brand with a good reputation because it always values its clients.


  • This product kills hornets, wasps, and other pests on contact

  • Comes in an economical three-pack

  • Its range is 20 feet

  • Kills the entire nest

  • Stops Bugs in Their Tracks

  • Some wasps don’t die on contact with this product

  • Outdoor use only


2.  SpectracidePRO Wasp Spray& Hornet Killer

SpectracidePRO Wasp Spray

Spectracide PRO is a direct killer of hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps. It is very expensive.

Spectroid PRO is one of the best effective insect killers to ensure that you get to save from any damage. This Spectracide wasp and hornet killer kills the insects from a distant range. The pressure is applied to expel the spray, which targets nests up to 20 feet away. This feature helps in making it an excellent model for high-risk areas such as EVA.

Also, like the Rapid, it can kill wasps if they come back to save their nest. However, SpectricidePRO residue stays in the hive for a maximum of 4 weeks. So it ensures that you do not need to spray repeatedly. Therefore, you can use a can for a more extended period.


  • It kills wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and mud daubers

  • It reaches nests up to 20 feet away

  • You can apply at sunrise or sunset when insects are least active

  • It is a jet spray.

  • It acts quickly in killing wasps while offering a relatively permanent solution.

  • The spray is mist-like, and it can land in unintended places.

  • Be careful; the wasps may take some time to die.


3.  Black Flag Foaming Wasp Spray & Hornet Killer Aerosol Spray

Black Flag Foaming Wasp Spray

Another one comes with Foaming Wasp spray and Hornet Killer from Black Flag. It’s not too expensive, but it still has an advanced foaming method, which makes blankets to wasp trap and kills insects. With the help of this heat and hornet killer, we can guarantee that your worm problem will be eliminated quickly.

Like its rivals, this spray can also deal with weeds, hornets, yellow jackets, and mud dung, among other insects. It will work too efficiently from which you won’t have a hard time cleaning up later. It also means that it will not stain your property. These features make it the right choice for controlling external pests.

  • It kills wasps, hornets, mud daubers, yellow jackets and other listed insects

  • No oily residue

  • 20-foot jet spray distance

  • Non-staining

  • Reasonable

  • The trigger could be sturdier


4. Wasp Freeze II Aerosol

Wasp Freeze II Aerosol

If you are worried by flies, ants, termites, bed bugs, wasps, hornets, some heat, then these hornet sprays are useful for dealing with pests. Pt. wasp Freeze II Aerosol performs a better job: it has residual activity and works long after the applicant goes home. This is a great thing because all the nest members who were away at the time of application are still exhausted when they return. Please ensure that the entire colony is cleared.


  • Jet spray distance of up to 15 feet

  • It kills flies, ants, termites, bed bugs, wasps, hornets, some heat.

  • None


5.  Ortho Hornet and Wasp Spray Killer

Ortho Hornet and Wasp Spray Killer

It is a jet spray that can reach easily at a distance of 20 feet above the ground. So these insects do not need to be hidden to avoid you. Also, you need to get rid of them.

They have built their nest under the window frames, under the roof avenues, or somewhere outside. Ortho Hornet and the wasp killer have a perfect foam that approaches them all. Insects quickly get trapped inside the nest and die.

You have to follow some instructions: either in the evening or at sunrise, to reach the nest (make sure you are not standing directly under it). After shaking the spray bottle, hold it straight and start spraying at the first entrance (make sure you are spraying in the direction that supports the wind). Continue until it is completely soaked.

  • Kills wasps; yellow jackets; mud daubers and hornets

  • A pinpoint-accurate foam that reaches nest locations

  • The jet spray reaches nests up to 20 feet above the ground

  • None.


6.  Spectracide Carpenter Bee & Ground-Nesting Yellow jacket Killer

Wasp Spray

This is a yellow jacket killer for fly and ground-nesting that can reach the most difficult areas, as its foam spreads quickly. Spectracide is the best product to get bees out of the tunnels when you see their activity. The Spectricide has an attached extension tube if you want to accurately target the holes in the ground where the yellow jackets have made their nests. Once you spray the foam, they kill the insects immediately.

This question will come in your mind is Spectraside a foam or spray? Well, this is an aerosol if you put a small straw that comes in the spray opening with its package. When you do such as, you can spray at a distance of 5-6 feet, and without the straw. It works like a standard aerosol. Also, Spectraside acts as a foam because it spreads to areas where bees and yellow jackets hide. Spectraide is also very useful in killing yellow jackets and flies in protected fields such as corners of the house. This is a great product.

  • Kills on contact

  • The foam expands to where insects live

  • Spray into hard-to-reach areas

  • Spray foam

  • Expensive

  • The safety range it offers while spraying is a tad too short, and you may need to get closer to the nests.


7.  RC 14010CS Wasp Spray and Hornet Killer PlusRC 14010CS Wasp Spray

This is technically a “knock-out” for any Thihuah or Hornet that comes with this high-strength, fast-acting insecticide. And you do not need to close to use it. You can easily spray from a distance of twenty feet. You can also use it to get rid of painful insects and their nests.

  • High strength and fast-acting

  • Dense spray stays accurate for up to 15 feet

  • Plastic safe, preventing damage to plastic connectors and such materials

  • Jat spray may be harmful.


8.  Hot Shot Wasp Spray and Hornet Killer 14 Ounces, Aerosol

Hot Shot Wasp Spray

Another strong wasp spray is a hotshot insect repellent aerosol. Once again, it offers an impressive 27-foot jet spray. It means that you can save yourself from the chemicals in the spray and, at the same time, move closer to the sting of any type of tissue. Not only that, but it will also protect your surroundings. This is a stain spray, so if you want to remove pests nest near your home, it might damage your walls and windows.

As well as keeping you safe from insects, it also effectively kills insects. These sprays can kill many pests such as straw, including scorpions, hornets, and tent caterpillars. The most important feature of this hot shot wasp and hornet killer is that it has a pack of two aerosols, so you’ll get a little more for your money.

  • 27-foot jet spray

  • Non-staining

  • Effective on a range of insects

  • Kills insects instantly

  • Comes in a pack of two

  • Its spray distance can be reduced in windy conditions

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