Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer Review

Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer
(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)


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Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer Review


While choosing a pressure washer, you need to be careful about its specifications, especially while purchasing the electric pressure washer, you must check its efficiency and output. The strength it generates and how robust the structure is must be understood. If you are in search of an electric pressure washer to clean your car, house, or any small appliance, then Green Works 1600 PSI Washer could be the best choice for you.


You can hold this Greenworks pressure washer comfortably and move it from one position to another without any problem. Due to its lightweight it is easy to handle. Although it looks compact, this washer is packed with 1600 PSI at 1.2 GPM. It works well to wipe any dirt particle or grime without any additional effort.

The pressure hose length can cover 20 feet area and is made up of high-quality material. With 1600 PSI, this tool can handle various types of cleaning tasks from light to medium. The power cord length is 35 feet. It also has an integrated GFCI protection feature designed to protect against short-circuiting. The tip of 25 degrees helps you to clean the mildew and the dirt. On the other hand, the 40-degree tip is ideal for the cleaning of vehicles and windows. It provides a spotless surface and makes cleaning a lot simpler and more enjoyable.

It is a versatile and useful cleaning tool that works well on a wide range of surfaces. You may use several spray nozzles to clean a variety of surfaces. With this power washer, light can be applied to a deep cleaning of a deck, concrete, and other hard-to-clean areas. You may also use the soap applicator while washing your car.

With 40 and Turbo fast connecting nozzles, it helps in purifying all the surfaces. Also, its powerful 60Hz engine has ample capacity to wash any surface without any issue. Also, there is sufficient pressure and flow to ensure better cleaning with less water and power consumption. Therefore, you can perform your work in a less time-consuming and cost-effective manner.

This product is designed exclusively for residential clients. It is inexpensive and less efficient, making it an ideal power washing machine for all car owners. It is a multifunctional washer, which can easily clean a variety of items and surfaces. You can use this for washing your patio, fence, stairs, and garden wall, as well as washing your car.

So the Greenworks 1600 PSI pressure washer is the best choice for you if you need a relatively cost-effective power washer.


  • 35 ft. power cord
  • Built-in soap tank
  • Easy to assemble


  • Short hose
  • Less powerful


Pressure Rating (PSI) 1600
Gallons per Minute (Gallons) 1.2
Light-duty Amperage (Amps) 13
Hose Length (Feet) 20
Hose Diameter (Inches) 1/4-inches
Cord Length (Feet) 35
Number of Spray Tips Included 2
Detergent Tank Options Single tank
Nozzle Type Prostyle tips with quick disconnect


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