Kinivo 501bn The Best HDMI Switch Review of 2021

Best HDMI switch review
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2021)

When you set up a new home theater or gaming focus in your home, you’ll need an HDMI switch. That can bolster all your devices and convey original HD recordings to your showcase. However, if you require 3D graphics? Which HDMI switch would it be a good idea for you to get?

Kinivo 501BN HDMI switch is the best HDMI switch, which is launched in the market right now. The device comes with a shiny black top with Kinivo branding. This device has an aluminum finished body. The HDMI ports on the device are located in the rear. The dimensions of the product are 6x3x3 and weigh 8 ounces. The device comes with well-organized remote control and as well as an AC power adapter. The method is a high quality, high-speed HDMI switch for home theater use and gaming. Maybe a couple of HDMI converters support the audio return channel thatyou can get with most HDMI cables. The 501BN is among a couple of switchers that support the audio return channel. 

It is significant if you need to send an audio signal from your TV to outside speakers without utilizing additional cables. You need to make sure that your HDMI cables, TVs, and speakers also support the audio return channel.


  • The device comes with active Switching Technology: the Kinivo 501BN HDMI switch accompanies dynamic exchanging innovation. This dynamic exchanging innovation empowers the gadget to distinguish the dynamic information and changes to it consequently.
  • Remote control: The device comes with a remote control that works seamlessly with the switch from a distance. Additionally, the remote control has easy to understand buttons which makes it simple to utilize. With a remote, you can rapidly change from one connected device into the next.
  • It comes with three high-speed HDMI ports for connecting multiple devices: The Kinivo 501BN HDMI switch has three HDMI ports, making it workable for the client to communicate across multiple devices seamlessly.
  • Switch three HDMI input into one output and supports 3D connect, 4K 30hz resolution of up to 1080p: The method permits up to 1080p of streaming goals. Besides, the device can convert up to three HDMI inputs into one output while maintaining high audio and video output.
  • Supports manual switching: Another feature of this HDMI switch is that it supports manual exchanging with the IR wireless remote or button provided in the device.
  • Warranty: The device comes with a one-year warranty, which ensures that the one-year warranty can be used more and more with the option of replacement.
  • This HDMI switcher can pass an audio return channel.

  • It comes with a detailed and easily understands user manual

  • It supports Dolby and other digital formats

  • Excellent picture quality and sound

  • 5 HDMI ports work with all HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and other HDMI devices 

  • You don’t get an external infrared sensor with this switcher.

Bottom Line:

According to our specialized group audit, the Convo 501BN HDMI switch is one of the most popular and best HDMI switches on Amazon. If you want to avoid room-mounted HDMI cables, you can also go with the most recent wireless HDMI transmitters. Which will give you the ultimate HDMI experience?

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