LG AN-WL100W HDMI Wireless Video Console/Extender Review of 2021

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2021)

In trendy style, less is contumaciously a lot of. Kitting down from your house with up-to-date technology makes life a little stress-free. However, the wiring that arises with it is the best and worst security risk.

Brand of LG is famous for its trendy, modern styles that suitable effortlessly for house ornamentation. The wireless LG AN-WL100W media box is planned to divert your house from disturbing wires, which transfer a clean, unobtrusive HD signal to your LG TV.



Here we are going to give you some specifications and a short review of LG AN-WL100W HDMI Wireless Video Console/Extender based on real facts and users’ demand.

Awesome Design

As you might imagine from an LG manufactured article, media kit which includes a fine look shared with a compact style. It measures simply 11.7 “wide by 1.7”. The depth of 8.9” is reduced sufficiently to draw away from out of sight. The signal it produces is consequently great that walls and ceilings can penetrate up to 50 feet away, as a result, you won’t have to worry about using it from any place in your home.

High-Quality Uncompressed signal 

When it arises with such products, the best significant object is the class of the signal. If there is no advantage to purchasing up-to-date television, then the signal received is equal. For the wireless digital receiver, this model produces a total HD 1080p signal. The signal itself is suppressed, which shows that your pictures might fall in the same quality as you sent them. The recipient compacts itself thus you can avoid sticking between your other belongings and your house ornaments.

Supports all your devices using high definition ports

A TV is a multi-use device. You can watch the most recent TV programs, live talk shows, play video games, or maybe live streaming home videos.This wireless Media Kit provides 4 HDMI slots that give quick-time period streaming. Every port delivers a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps, giving you a deeper colour in making maximum HD displays.


If you have a pure cast of LG LCD or Plasma TV, at that point LG is well-matched. It removes chaos from your house without compromising on the quality of the image. Going wireless is the hallmark of current technology and this unit may be an increasing stone towards that. The rate is competitive with a modest setup that comes from a brand with a superb name for quality manufacture and customer service. Disorder your multimedia with this device currently.

Global Brand

Shopping with an international whole like LG has quite a number of advantages. Firstly, they have outstanding purchaser service and full access to the repair team. All their manufacture is very well planned, which guarantees lasting construction features. Additionally, if you have any difficulties, LG has locations everywhere in the United States of America where you can send and receive merchandise speedily and effortlessly.

  • Fully wireless

  • Not expensive

  • Set-up is very easy

  • It can penetrate walls and supply a compromised signal from a distance of 50 feet.

  • The image quality would not be affected because of uncompressed signals

  • 4 HDMI ports provide enough space for your multimedia devices

  • Totally compatible with all LG TVs

  • Need changes to be compatible with other TV brands.

  • Not compatible with 3D signals.

  • Some customers have found the wireless dongle a bit greater than expected.

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