Peerless HDS WHDI100 Review of 2021

Peerless HDS wireless transmitter & receiver WHDI100
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2021)

Are you one of the millions who skill the requirement for a reliable computer, television, and several device networks in your home and office? In this technological time of life, the digital device connection is a need. They are providing people with the benefit of quicker info sharing across several inputs and output devices. As good as the HDMI cable has managed to attain this, having an HDMI splitter gives users the capacity to channel their digital production to some extent.

Peerless HDS WHDI100 introduces a new wireless HD transmitter. Peer Air allows you to send a 1080p video up to 100 feet through walls and other borders. The Peer Air System configures its 802.11n wireless network, and the redesign adds metal cases and adjusted antennas to produce durable, more reliable signals. The transmitter unit includes HDMI output to transmit the wired HDMI signal to a nearby display.

Product features and specifications

Full 1080P and 3D content streaming

When it arises to sharing data and information in a digital way, the professional, entertainment, and gaming industries, between others, maintain the highest standards. With this high-bar set of digital media, the Peerless Wireless HDSWHDI 100 multimedia system can improve 1080p videos for top meaning videos. Its skills extend to broadcast 3D videos, which makes this HDMI transmitter a need for gamers and movie enthusiasts who frequently use smart monitors with 3D capabilities. This HDMI dongle allows high-quality communication from your computer, set-top box, Blu-ray / DVD player, or game console to your HD TV, display monitor, or projector.

Two HDMI ports and one USB port

The Peerless Wireless HDMI multimedia kit permits the connection of two HDMI and one USB source device. Some devices connected through HDMI ports contain your Blu-ray / DVD player, computer, set-top box, and gaming console, and up to two HDTVs. On the other hand, your gaming controller, mouse, or keyboard can also be connected through its USB port. Additionally, to all these links, this HDMI splitter uses its HDMI pass-through feature to communicate with alternative HDTV, projector, or display monitor through an HDMI cable. This device makes it possible to watch videos on different screens at the same time.

100-feet wireless Streaming Radius

In addition to HDMI and USB links, this device also permits wireless streaming. They are presenting a 100-feet range with the streaming range; this multimedia system covers a full radius for more consistent video and audio streaming. It also supports 5.1-channel audio, therefore offering both visual and auditory interface. Featuring <1 ms of zero latency, you’ll enjoy instant gaming consoles and computer responsiveness, hereafter the best greeting, and user dealings. For the seamless streaming of videos, this multimedia system creates its 5GHz frequency network buffer zone to prevent interference from other waves, networks, and communications nearby.

Multiple Device Capabilities

This excellent HDMI splitter uses its improved IR performance to be well-matched with all the source components connected to it. If you are consuming a set-top and a Blu-ray / DVD player, you can use their unique remote control through this HD multimedia system. Although this system arises with its multi-functional remote control for switching it off from different source devices.

  • Set up is very easy

  • It is versatile

  • USB transmitter for laptops and HDMI 

  • Compact design

  • It can be controlled by remote. 

  • Its IR signal cannot detect signs 

 Final Words

The Peerless Wireless Multimedia System has high structures that make it the most fabulous wireless HDMI kit to its size. Its consistency, efficiency, and ultimate performance cannot be overlooked, especially at its affordable price.

If you want to share your videos, games, and other digital data on one device and multiple display screens on a low budget. Then this peerless multimedia system should be your first specialty.



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