Recommended Top 10 Best Air Fryers of 2020

Recommended Top 10 best air fryers
(Last Updated On: May 12, 2020)

For a happy & healthy life, there are some keys like eating well, living well, and lowering down your LDL and cholesterol intake. Therefore, it is essential to make balanced and healthier choices when cooking or preparing meals. And the most important thing is the preparation of food in the best utensil and equipment. This is a considerable challenge that many individuals have developed the habit of deep frying their meals. So to change your lifestyle, the first and foremost thing is to change the preparation methods of your foods. Before fryer introduced, there was no way to enjoy fried foods guilt-free. Fryers were launched in the market to promote nutritious foods and healthy eating without extra calories and little to no oil. According to many nutritionists and dietitians, air fryers have significantly reduced the usage of oil in cooking by 50%. Air fryers have changed the opinion of many individuals about fried foods. The market is selling Best Electric Air fryers because it is a need for people who love delicious tasty, Crispy & crunchy texture without excessive oil and calories. We have eased your difficulty if you’re searching for a good air fryer. Here we have honestly reviewed Top 10 Best Air Fryers of 2020 for you and made it damn sure that this is something here for everyone. This will help you to select a top air fryer as per their cost, usage, durability, and functionality.

Brand Name
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COSORI Air Fryer

Cuisinart TOA-60BKS Toaster Oven Air Fryer
Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker
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Ninja Air Fryer
Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-qt. Air Fryer
Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer
Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer
Air Fryer, Bagotte Programmable Hot Airfryer Oven & Oilless Cooker

1-COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart,1700-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven & Oilless Cooker for Roasting,LED Digital Touchscreen with 11 Presets,Nonstick Basket,2-Year Warranty,ETL Listed(100 Recipes)

This Cosori air fryer has a nonstick basket which is removable and is PFOA-free. In comparison to a small basket, its quart square nonstick basket can easily fit a 5-6lbs whole chicken. It saves your space and its slimmer footprint can fit on your countertop. It avoids disrupting your digestive system, it delivers a crunchy taste of fried food with 85% less fat or probably little to no oil. This is the best-rated air fryer 2020, with just this fryer you can cook your breakfast, lunch, dinner and each snack in eleven different styles. The fact is that it reduces energy consumptions by cutting down your utility bills and helps you to cook quickly. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher, and the preset settings mean that you don’t have to calculate time or temperature. It has the capability of doing different easier tasks in your kitchen as it has a steaming rack, an extra sealing ring, a glass lid, and other accessories with a one-touch digital screen, preheats reminders, a very best thing of 2 years warranty & 90 days money-back guarantee. Thus its functionality and easy usage increase your expectations about it and makes it the best air fryers that without any doubt worth the investment. This sleek design air fryer has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed product and a perfect healthy gift for food-loving families & friends.


  • It comes with 100 recipes.
  • Shake reminder to prevent overcooking or burning.
  • A digital touch screen menu.
  • Lifetime customer support.
  • Preheating takes a little longer.
  • A little bit expensive.


2-GoWISE USA GW22921-S 5-Quart 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer + 50 Recipes (Black), 5-Qt

This is the best air fryer 2020 under $100 which has 3 rack levels, which has a large capacity to make family-size crispy foods. You can fry, grill, bake and roast your favorite food without extra calories with little or no oil in a healthier cooking time of 30 min or less. It comes with a PFOA free air fry pan, a removable crisper tray that is easy to clean-up and a non-stick FDA certified. This is the most eye-catching Air fryers with a modern and sleek look. This is a perfect companion for you with a 50 step by step recipe book and a modern designed touch screen and an advanced touch screen menu. It supports a new feature including a start/stop button that allows you to change your mid-cycle program, gives maximum functionality as well as a built-in alarm function to remind you to shake your ingredients in 5, 10, and 15-minute increments. You can manually customize your needs by enjoying its 8 preset cooking options and pre-programmed cooking functions. This GoWISE air fryer t has a wide range of temperatures from 180F to 400F. With the basket divider accessory, it can cook 2 meals at once.


  • Easy to use & clean.
  • 8 preset cooking programs.
  • Auto switch-off function.
  • Detachable basket and pan.
  • Non-stick coating with a stainless steel interior.
  • Need little time to preset and getting used to other many functions.
  • The viewing window is not featured.


3- Cuisinart TOA-60BKS Toaster Oven Air Fryer.6 Cubic Interior, Black Stainless Steel

The Cuisinart Air fryer has an adjustable thermostat with a 1-hour timer and auto-off function. This conventionally designed air fryer includes a toast shade selector timer, an oven rack, baking pan, and an air fryer basket/rack. It has a 0.6 cubic foot non-stick interior. It’s brushed aluminum design evenly matches your kitchen decor, giving a good look on the countertop. The Cuisinart oven fryer has a capacity of toasting six slices of bread, baking a 12-inch pizza, air frying 3lbs of chicken wings or roasting a 4-pound chicken. Its built-in quality is sturdy and compact. So actually, it is a premium full-size toaster oven in the shape of a traditional oven. It has an oven light and a glass viewing window for monitoring cooking processes. Due to sturdiness, it doesn’t have to move to & fro from counter to cupboard as other oven fryers do. The great thing about this best large air fryer is that you only require a teaspoon of oil to fry. Thus, you can enjoy your meal without extra calories. You can use powerful ultra-hot air in a healthier way to prepare any meal perfectly from fries to shrimp and from wings to fritters.


  • Easy to use.
  • Use ultra-hot air to cook food.
  • 1800W powerful motor.
  • 7 functions.
  • Not much suitable for large families and commercial purpose.
  • Lacks presets for cooking and led display.


4- Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker with Temperature Control, Non Stick Fry Basket, Recipe Guide + Auto Shut Off Feature, 6 qt, Aqua

The Deluxe Electric Air Fryer is large enough and helps you to test out air frying economically. It can efficiently serve one or two people with a 1.2L capacity basket.  It is available in White, Red, Aqua, and Black color. This extra-large 6-QT capacity air fryer cooks a variety of meals from an abundance of appetizers to chicken wings and from French fries to fried chicken. Its all non-electric parts are dishwasher safe. It comes apart easily and avoids messy clean-up. You can quickly wash it in between, by adding a sheet of aluminum foil in the bottom of the pan it enables you to clean the basket between foods since otherwise, you would need to wait for the unit to cool down. This is the best electric air fryer that has a cool-touch housing and handle makes it safer even your kids can use it. It includes a recipe book and recipe database access. It is the best air fryer for the money and comes with a 1-year warranty. Its auto shut off functionality prevents overcooking. It is energy efficient and takes less time to preheat your oven. This the quick, easy, compact air fryer that instead of oil uses air crisp technology and reduces 70-80% fat without altering the flavor of your fried food.


  • Free recipe book/online recipes
  • 1700-watt
  • 6 Qt Capacity
  • 8 in 1 cooking ability
  • Glass lid and manual usage
  • Some reports that timer gets stuck
  • Coating sometimes peeling off


5- Ninja Air Fryer, 1550-Watt Programmable Base for Air Frying, Roasting, Reheating & Dehydrating with 4-Quart Ceramic Coated Basket (AF101), Black/Gray

The Ninja Air fryer can air fry up to 75% less fat. It leads to a healthier way to quick and easy cooking of a variety of crispy foods as compared to traditional frying methods. Its smart processor offers automatically adjusted temperature settings with a wide temperature ranges that allow you to bake, air fry, dehydrate, roast, and reheat food. This fryer is a better and quicker alternative, which ensures that you serve the food at the best possible time. Ninja 1550 can fit 2 lbs. of French fries in the crisper plate and ceramic-coated 4-quart nonstick basket. It also has a multi-layer rack, and it is dishwasher safe. Its cleanup is very easy because Ninja uses a ceramic coating on their fryers. It ensures smooth circulation of hot air around your food, which results in a crispy, quick, and golden finish. So this air fryer is your go-to appliance for your favorite snack or meal. It is recommended that you preheat the unit before adding your ingredients for three minutes to achieve the best results.


  • 1550 Watts.
  • Temperature range of 105°F-400°F.
  • The multi-layer rack which enhances your dehydrating capacity.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • It does have a recipe book.
  • Sides of the unit heat up during the cooking.
  • Smells like heated plastic.


6- Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-qt. Air Fryer, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate Indoor Electric Grill (AG301), 10″ x 10″, Black and Silver

Ninja Foodi Grill uses the convection system with the grill applications. The grill plate provides conduction and requires some time to warm up before cooking. In winter bang you can enjoy jerk chicken and grilled foods without propane and charcoal, or even going outside. It shows fantastic results for meat, and if you oil the meat you will get grill marks. It is big enough to handle a medium-sized roast. Ninja Food Pro 5-in-1 Indoor Grill can grill steaks, chicken, hamburgers, sausage. This is the best indoor grill that sears, air fry crisps, and sizzles. It is nearly smokeless and easy to clean. In just 25 minutes you can transform frozen foods into perfectly char-grilled. With cyclonic grilling technology, 500F air circulates the food while high-density 500F ceramic coated grill grate creates flavor and char-grilled marks. It also brings outdoor grill flavors conveniently to your countertop any day of the year. It has an integrated smart temperature probe that controls meat cooking. It air fry crisps with up to 75 % less fat than deep-frying. It is PTFE free and comes with a 15 recipe book, griddle, veggie tray, and a cleaning brush. In a nutshell, it is well designed and engineered indoor grill with the added advantages of the air frying along with roasting/ baking functions and dehydration.


  • Hefty and sturdy.
  • Heats up relatively quickly.
  • 1760 Watts.
  • Cooks fast.
  • Cleaning the unit takes time.
  • Pricey.


7- GoWISE USA GW22651 3.7-Quarts Programmable Air Fryer with 8 Cook Presets (Plum), Qt

This air fryer is perfect for two-person meals. In 25 minutes, it cooks your favorite foods with little to no oil. Rapid air technology techniques reduced the need for adding oil to prepare fried foods and uses the hot air circulating within to make healthier versions of your favorites. It virtually produces no overly pungent smells or steam that emanates from it when it is used. It perfectly cooks crispy outside, moist inside chicken tenders. It makes cooking more comfortable with eight featured presets. It is well built with a versatile look that decorates your countertop. It is super easy to clean, especially when you line the basin with foil and catch tray. Those who tend to make online found recipes and their recipes can set cook time from 1-30 minutes with temperature setting ranges from 170F-400F. Just press 1, and you’re almost done. Indicator and five time’s beep of timer air fryer will let you know that your food is prepared. After approximately twenty seconds, the air fryer will stop. It makes the best air fryer dishes, and you can prepare your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even dessert. It includes a recipe book that has fifty delicious recipes, specifically for GoWISE USA air fryers.


  • Automatic settings.
  • Fry without oil.
  • Easy cleanup.
  • Durable & well built.
  • Beeps a lot.
  • Some reported coating peeling off.


8- Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer|6 Quart|4 One-Touch Programs|Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat|From the Makers of Instant Pot

This Instant Vortex air fryer is used for making the best air fryer hamburger, barbecue, hamburger patties, lobster tail, scallops, and sausage links. You can take reheating advantage, as it performs better as compared to microwave or toaster oven. This air fryer has two cooking trays that can be used on three levels, or it cooks faster/hotter on the top-level than on the bottom. It is well made having an elegant design with four built-in smart programs that allow roasting, baking, air frying, and reheating. Its interior cooking tray is composed of non-stick finish, you have to reheat it before usage. You can prepare your tasty versions of favorites with no to little oil with simple eight touch controls. It has a large enough basket that can fit 2 lbs. of fries & 4 lbs. Chicken. This is the best air fryer for home use, it justifies its higher prices with better features of easy usage & cooking. The knob that manages the temperature and time, allows flexibility and you can change the temperature and time whenever required.


  • Beeps and alerts.
  • Easy to use & clean up.
  • Minimal preheat time.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Time saver versatile product.
  • Attractive and compact.
  • Incredible food taste.
  • Basic pdf manual.
  • Outside gets hot.
  • Manual doesn’t explain features.
  • Smaller frying surface.
  • Annoying beeps.


9- Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer, Digital Interface, 1.8lb/2.75qt- HD9641/96

This Philips Air fryer is known for its excellent cooking and high quality. It has a unique turbo star technology for healthier frying and baking. This is the best air fryer for a family of 4 at one time, it can cook for around 3 – 4 people. You get multiple recipes in the app and a free recipe book that ease its operations. It enables you to fry, grill, roast, and bake your favorites with a quick control dial and a digital display. It doesn’t require pre-heating. You can instantly start cooking crispy foods like French fries, potatoes chips. Other foods that crisps very well are potato skins, broiled chicken (with skin), cheese sandwiches, mini pizza or slices, baked potatoes, fried chicken, frozen food products,  battered fish, chicken wings, onion rings, some vegetables, soggy greasy fried potatoes, and reheated fast food. It prepares best air fryer healthy recipes. It is dishwasher safe, and the company claims that it takes less than 90 seconds to clean. It is compact and has a smaller foot size of 20%. Its maintenance is easy its warm feature ensures that at a stipulated temperature, the food stays for as long as 30 minutes.


  • 5 cooking presets.
  • Adjustable button.
  • 3.5-quart capacity food basket.
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Faster and Better cooking.
  • No grease, no mess.
  • Pricey.
  • Low hold capacity.
  • Some reported that non-stick drawer and food basket is not dishwasher safe.


10- Air Fryer, Bagotte Programmable Hot Airfryer Oven & Oilless Cooker for Roasting, LED Digital Touchscreen, Nonstick Basket, Dishwasher Safe, Family Size

The Bagotte Air fryer within the appliance circulates hot air instead of oil in all directions by 80% reduced oil. It comes with a recipe book and an instruction manual, and a nice box with a handle that can be used later to move/store it. This is the best economical air fryer that ensures fast cooking with a touch screen built-in menu which includes; steak, turkey, nuggets, fish, crumbed chicken tenderloins, and frozen fries. This is the best air fryer for homemade French fries. It has an auto memory & auto shut off function, you can set a cooking timer and temperature adjustment from 0-60 minutes and 180F-380F. It is BPA-free & provides convenient operation for a healthier cooking experience. In one simple touch, the combination of the preset and touch screen gives you all the control that what you would need. It has an air outlet that protects your air fryer and prevents overheating. The bottom storage design provides easier storage and its featured compartments save space. This is the best air fryer ever that has a detachable basket and a pan which allows you to easily put food on the plate. The non-stick coating of air fryer on the basket allows the removal of food and makes it easy to wash. It ensures quick cooking and saves your precious time and within less time you can prepare more nutritious food of your choice.


  • Storage design for storing the cord.
  • Non-stick basket.
  • Air outlet prevents overheating.
  • Detachable basket.
  • Recipe book.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Huge Size.
  • A recipe book could be better.


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