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10 Best kukri buying guide and expert reviews
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2021)

If you are an avid hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or purely camping fan, you probably know that a memorable outdoor trip boils down to a lot of good stuff. Nowadays, it is challenging to pick the perfect multi-purpose blade. It seems that every day a new model, brand, or design is coming to the market. Additionally, it is difficult for an amateur to choose the right equipment for their desires. Fortunately, this free review outlines some of the best cocktail knives for people who try to pick the perfect knives.

The kukri is one of a cutting device that consolidates the presentation of an ax with the exactness and accuracy of a knife. Kukris have been being used if Nepal and its environmental factors for some ages; thus, their superior is an aftereffect of numerous long periods of testing and upgrades. In any case, as the kukri spreads to different areas of the world, their structure is continually altering.

The design of the coke knife varies according to the thickness of the blade in most cases, with the two main types being the thin Eastern/Sirupate kukri and the wider Western/Budhuna kukri. However, the best for you will depend on how you aim to use it.

We’ve taken a gander at a scope of kukri cleavers that work both as a device and weapon, and have chosen five cutting edges. The fundamental things we’ve taken a gander at are quality, cost, and particular features. We’ve evaluated these five sharp edges and recorded a few upsides and downsides for each kukri. 

Brand NameProduct ImageView on Amazon
1. Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri
Sony DSCW800/B
2. Cold Steel 97MKM Kukri Knife
Sony DSCW800/B
3. EGKH Gurkha Kukri
Sony DSCW800/B
4. Condor Tool & Knife 60217 Kukri Knife
Sony DSCW800/B
5. Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri
Sony DSCW800/B
6. SOG Specialty Knives SOGfari Kukri Machete
Sony DSCW800/B
7. Fox FX-9CM05T USMCSony DSCW800/B
. Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri MacheteSony DSCW800/B
9. Ontario Knife 1064206 Co OKC Kukri KnifeSony DSCW800/B
10. Smith & Wesson SWBH Kukri
Sony DSCW800/B

1. Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 kukri knife is offered in one color and style. The blade includes a black carbon steel blade. It is best for you because this blade has perfect for cutting weeds, cleaning campus space, and more. The blade is made up of leather / Cardura sheath for safe carry and storage. Customers who acquired this cutting edge preferred that it was so natural to carry with the sheath on their hip. Customers said that the blade’s swivel ring permits it not to battle gravity and functions admirably. Clients likewise noted that the cutting edge nibbles profound and easily fits in hand.

  • Black carbon steel.
  • Leather sheath.
  • Swivel ring.
  • Finish rubs off.
  • The sheath can be awkward.


2. Cold Steel 97MKM Kukri Knife

The Cold Steel 97MKM is the least expensive thing on our list, yet it is the best kukri for the cash given its top-notch development and execution. This kukri highlights a virus steel magnum edge that is as strong as any can get. Also, it associates with a solid and sturdy polypropylene handle that offers a firm and agreeable grasp.

The cutting edge is 17 inches in length, and it has a weight forward parity structure that enables it to deal with even the hardest occupations. At the point when you purchase this virus steel kukri, you likewise get a bolted Cordura sheath that additionally accompanies a bulletproof tip.

  • Cold steel magnum blade for long life.
  • Angled blade edge for deeper cuts with every stroke.
  • Sturdy and comfortable polypropylene handle.
  • Durable Cordura sheath.
  • Distinct weight-forward design to handle the toughest jobs.
  • It comes with a rough and dull edge.



3.  EGKH Gurkha Kukri

The EGKH Gurkha Kukri is a device that follows its foundations back to the Gurkha soldiery. The first providers of kukri blades to the Gurkhas in Nepal were “Bishwakarmas.” The main thing you notice about this blade is a conventional intrigue that helps you to remember the instruments our extraordinary granddads used to depend on. It has a solid handle edge development that guarantees the most extreme parity and sturdiness during intense cutting. The blade length is 10 inches and can quickly deal with an assortment of assignments along the path or around the campground. It is exceptionally valuable in planning nourishment, building cover, slashing kindling, and baskets.

The 0.3-inch thickness blade makes it a solid weapon that won’t bend, regardless of the rigged or severed. It is 15 inches in length and weighs 26.4 oz. Most of the reviewers we’ve had are a little heavier, but this is an advantage in itself because it has made quite a bit of swing. Made up of high carbon steel, the blade retains its sharpness with long-lasting cutting. Repeated oiling of the blade can improve her life.

The handle comes with rosewood that has been finished easily and created with finger scores to guarantee the instrument sticks solidly in your grasp in any event, during substantial use or in wet conditions. Indeed, even its sheath is of the best, produced using refine Buffalo cowhide. If you are searching for a certified kukri for the harshest experience, then try this EGKH model.

  • Hand-produced is utilizing top quality materials.
  • Fantastic edge plot for incredible force.
  • Rosewood handles with finger grasps.
  • Stable handle development offers excellent equalization.
  • Tempered steel cutting edge for durable execution.
  • Reasonable
  • The blade comes unpolished. The blade may require maintenance to prevent rust.



4. Condor Tool & Knife 60217 Kukri Knife

The Condor Tools & Knives 60217 made up of heavy and thick layer, ideal for struggling to handle heavy-duty cutting knives and other lighter knives. It is equipped with 1075 high carbon steel blades with complete tang construction. The 1075 steel is sturdy and rusty and highly resistant to adhesive. Extremely easy to accelerate content and maintain its edge over the years.

It has been treated with HRC 56-58 (Rockwell hardness) to assure its strength. The length of this knife is 14.5 inches, and the actual blade length is 10 inches, which is 5/16 inches in length. It’s enough to fit into a bag easily. It has a convex grinder that helps with cutting and removing material, while it features the inner curve at the base for maximum cutting and cutting of jobs. The handle of this knife made up of hardwood. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides a proper grip for easy use.

There is a small sign near the base that some people believe will help improve performance. We think it can act as a hook to hang a knife. The product also has a black leather sheath, which offers a practical way to carry a knife. A wonderful closure to keep the knife in place on the sheath and easily allow you to hold the belt hook while outdoors. This one is designed to prevent rubbish abuse, so this is the best course of action you can get for heavy-duty plans.

  • High carbon steel blade with a blasted satin finish.
  • Hardwood handle for a sturdy and comfortable grip.
  • Full tang design improves performance and durability
  • The leather sheath provides secure storage.
  • The handle is quite flat and feels too smooth.


5. Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri

For anyone looking for authentic or genuine Gurkha kukri, this handmade knife is the best in our list. It features a hand-forged high-grade carbon steel blade that is double filtered and semi-polished for an authentic appearance. This beautiful knife has the traditional cookery curves that help to enhance the look, and it attaches to a full tang handle.

For the handle, you get reliable and truly tough rosewood with a finger grasp to make it agreeable for expanded use. This kukri blade comes with a dark-colored bison cowhide sheath that has a few lashes for conveying. What’s more, you can additionally get the checkmark and karda little blades for cleaning the skin of the animal and for sharpening the former cookery.

  • Hand-forged blade for an authentic look.
  • Durable rosewood handles with a finger grip.
  • Double fullered and semi-polished high-grade carbon steel blade.
  • Brown natural (buffalo leather) leather sheath.
  • 2 free small knives
  • Straps on the sheath are a little flimsy, making them not very useful for carrying the kukri.

6. SOG Specialty Knives SOGfari Kukri Machete

SOG is a most loved brand with regards to blades and knives. Their SOGfari kukri blade is an extraordinary unit that includes a high carbon steel cutting edge that likewise incorporates a saw back plan to make it a multi-work cleaver. The organization gives this kukri a Kraton handle to guarantee the most extreme relief for your hand when working for longer hours.

With this cucumber, you get a 12-inch straight edge blade design that cuts sharply and deeply, so you can complete the activity with the least strokes. Besides, the kukri comes with a protective artificial sheath for carrying, and the handle also has some holes for connecting cords. The 6-inch full-leg handle is the second tallest product in our list, and so you can be confident that you will have enough grip points.

  • It has a high carbon steel edge with a saw back.
  • New agreeable Kraton handle.
  • Straight edge for clean cuts and simple honing.
  • Adorable hard-cased dark completion.
  • The protective and well-developed manufactured sheath.
  • The thin edge is more prone to denting and breaking.
  • Saw back design is not very useful


7. Fox FX-9CM05T USMC

The Fox FX-9CM05T USMC is a lightweight tool weight only 15.87 oz. It’s a type of kukri knives that fits easily on your belt strap or tool bag. Nevertheless, the knife is heavy enough to ensure that a little swing can provide a maximum cutting or cutting power, while the light is light enough for stress-free and safe use.

This blade estimates 14.37 inches (handle included) with the cutting edge itself being 9.25 crawls long. Its front line runs the whole length of the sharp edge’s lower side, and the Kukri configuration guarantees that it’s simply a few centimeters shorter than the non-cutting stage. It gives you a large slicing surface to utilize, which proves to be useful in both intense cutting applications or excellent, fastidious cutting.

With a thickness of 0.24 inches, this blade comes with the perfect balance between solid hardness and sharpness for ease of use when cutting, slicing, or bumping.  To cut down shrubs and dense organs, the blade runs fast, but some of the wheels improve the edge for more competitive cutting.

The cutting edge is fixed into the handle in a solid grip, making it extremely stable, with minimal risk of the blade being sideways. The blade is made of stainless steel for longevity, while the soft groove is prominent for a firm grip on the ergonomic handle. It also includes a sheath to store the knife and to protect you from injury when carrying or carrying a blade. Overall, this knife from Fox Knife MD is sleek, comfortable, and hard-wearing, perfect for hunting, camping, and military use.

  • Durable tempered steel sharp edge.
  • Solid handle structure for expanded security.
  • Sheath included for capacity and transportation.
  • Lightweight yet overwhelming enough to convey the most extreme cutting power.
  • Ergonomic handle for usability.
  • Sheath poorly made.

8. Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete

Schrade SCHKM1 is a vast solid handle kukri knife that comes with the thickest sharp edge (1/8 inch) on our list. This tempered steel sharp edge also has a thick dark powder covering, and length is 13.3 inches. The handle includes a T-hold plan that is protected and entirely agreeable and cord opening, and when you purchase this kukri blade, you will receive a solid sheath also.

In addition to the sheath, this knife also comes with a sturdy pouch that has a diamond stone sharpener to help keep the blade sharp and the Ferro stick. And when it comes to carrying you, the knife provides you few loops to give you more precision, a knife, shoulder strap, and strap to attach to your bag.

  • Dependable treated steel cutting edge with a dark powder covering.
  • Sheltered and agreeable T-hold handle with a cord gap.
  • Stable handle development for strength.
  • A more fabulous tummy and bent structure give all the more cutting force.
  • Very much assembled nylon sheath with twofold sewing.
  • Helpful pocket with a jewel stone sharpener and ferro bar.
  • The blade is dull when you get it and requires a lot of sharpening.


9. Ontario Knife 1064206 Co OKC Kukri Knife

Ontario Knife 1064206 Co OKC is a 17-inch-long Kukri that holds 1095 carbon steel blades with black to make it reflective. This blade length is 11.5 inches, perfect for a multipurpose knife, and it also provides a durable G-10 rubber handle with some grooves for more relief.

Lifting and securing this blade should not be a problem as it comes with a nylon sheath. But this sheath is not very durable, and you may need to replace it in the future. And there’s also a peeling hole on the handle on the knife.

  • It has long enduring 1095 carbon steel development.
  • Dark, sharp edge completing to make it non-intelligent.
  • Agreeable G-10 handle with some finger grooves.
  • It comes with a helpful nylon sheath with a waistband.
  • Cord opening on the handle gives conveying adaptability.
  • The sheath looks good, but nylon construction means it will not last long.

10.  Smith & Wesson SWBH Kukri

Smith and Wesson made this kukri blade with dark high carbon steel to make it non-intelligent and truly solid. This medium size kukri also offers a profoundly notched handle style that is additionally elastic wrapped for greatest comfy. Thus you can swing if for a long time without agonizing your overhand exhaustion.

This kukri also offers a polyester sheath that makes it easy to carry as you can easily attach it to the belt or hang it over the shoulder. The blade is ready for quick and quick use to make things even better. The knife has extraordinary balance and weight distribution. It’s one of the cheapest items on our list, and so you don’t have to spend a lot to get it.

  • It is a black non-intelligent high carbon steel cutting edge.
  • The Deep scored and elastic wrapped handle.
  • It comes with a well-developed polyester sheath with a belt/shoulder tie.
  • The cutting edge is sharp when you get the kukri.
  • An excellent weight conveyance and feels well-adjusted.
  • The sheath does not hold the knife snugly.

Our Verdict

Each machine we reviewed works for people who want to cut wood and has a multi-purpose device. All exercises have reasonable cutting power, secure handles, and portable size. After comparing all the products, in my opinion, the best kukri is the KA-BAR 2-1249-9. This exercise is comfortable and easy to use. The blade can serve as a wood cutting, cooking, or as a tool. However, we also like the fact that it has a safe carry and storage sheath for storage.

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