Twinings Tea Box of 2019 – Flavours and Review

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2019)

Twinings is a well-known name in the tea industry, founded by Thomas Twining he firstly started Britain’s first Tea Room at London in 1706. Twinings logo is one of the oldest logos in the world created in 1789, and now it has been owned by ABF (Associated British Food) since 1964.


About The Brand Twinings:

Twinings Tea Produces a Wide range of different regional and flavored teas and other beverages Its flavors included English Breakfast, English Breakfast Fairtrade Organic, English Afternoon, Australian Afternoon, Earl Grey, Ceylon, Turkish Apple Tea, Darjeeling, Lady Grey, Assam, Irish Breakfast, Everyday, Strong English Breakfast, Cherry Bake-well, Gingerbread, Lemon Drizzle, Salted Caramel, Sleep, Detox and so many other flavors and blends.

Let’s review the most favorable and well-known tea of Twining Tea based on a recent survey and demand of customers according to their tastes.

1. Twinings English Breakfast Tea

Twinings English Breakfast Tea

Twinings English Breakfast Tea is one of the most popular and desirable tea flavor and blend to make this finest blend twining select best teas from five different regions each region’s tea possess its own unique flavor and characteristics and is made without any artificial ingredients. If you want to start a best and energetic day just start your day with Twinings English Breakfast Tea, but there is no time to take this tea you can have it anytime. It tastes like a bit bitter and has a dark orange color for the perfect cup of English breakfast tea steep for four to five minutes and enjoy its energetic taste. You can reserve this tea for a long time without having a fear of losing its taste and flavor, it may contain somewhat an excessive amount of caffeine for certain people. It is essential to limit the quantity of servings every day.

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2. Twinings Camomile Tea

Twinings Camomile Tea

Twinings Camomile Tea is made of 100% pure Camomile Blossoms which give you a soft, smooth and delicious floral taste. It is a relaxing, herbal, does not contain caffeine, and gives a little bit bitter taste. Twinings of London Pure Camomile Herbal Tea comes in different flavors including apple, honey, mint, vanilla, etc.

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3. Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea is known worldwide for its iconic blend started in 1831 on the request if PM Charles Grey and he put his name on this blend cause he loved its classic lemon taste with a little amount of caffeine and its amber color. Twinings Earl Grey Tea will make you sleepy, and it contains a lower amount of caffeine as compared to English Breakfast.

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4. Twinings Lady Grey Tea

Twinings Lady Grey Tea

This Tea is a perfect blend of Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Black Tea, and Natural Citrus Flavors, which gives a refreshing aroma and delicious taste. Twinings Created a Lady Grey Tea after Its Earl Grey Tea for women who like to have a fruity and citrus flavor.

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5. Twinings Peppermint Tea

Twinings Peppermint Tea

It tastes like Cool and refreshing in every sip and gives an aroma of Peppermint blast in the mouth. For a strong taste of Peppermint Tea leave tea for some longer and can pour into the boiling water for two to four minutes. It does not contain Caffeine and can have it at any time in a day to enjoy the best flavor of peppermint tea.

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6. Twinings Green Tea

Twinings Green Tea

 Green tea will boost your mood for the whole day, especially when it comes in so many of your desired flavors like lychee, mango, apple, cherry, Ginger, orange, strawberry, and so on. It is made without adding any artificial ingredients blended with the quality leaves. Green tea is not only known for its taste but also its benefits regarding health and weight loss. It burns your cholesterol, and let you feel fresh.

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7. Twinings Chai Tea

Twinings Chai Tea

It is a black tea having a taste like sweet and spicy as its ingredients include ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and contains caffeine. Chai tea is a perfect blend for the tea lovers due to its herbal and rich components which are friendly for health and mind as well. Twinings Chai Tea comes in Cinnamon and Fennel Flavors.

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8. Twinings Detox Tea

Twinings Detox Tea

This Detox tea will give you the sweetest taste due to its fennel extracts, and lemon and ginger extract will give you a smooth and warming blend. One cup of Twinings Detox Tea will keep you away from oxidative stress, inflammation and help you to fight from the processes that cause diseases like cancer. Its ingredients include Fennel, Lemongrass, Ginger, Lemon Peel, Burdock Root, Spearmint, and some Natural Flavorings.

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